Why I love being pregnant!

Reason number 2 on this Monday evening, just 7 days away from having our girls:

I love getting to tell people about the baby or babies I am carrying.

It was fun seeing people react when I was pregnant with Molly and we weren't finding out if we were having a boy or a girl. I didn't really get to do that with Micah since I wasn't really showing that much when we miscarried. But it was fun to tell people that we were pregnant and show off the ultrasounds we had of him.

This time is different because I look like I am about to burst and so people think I am way over due. I've only had one person, a man, ask if I was carrying twins. :) It's been fun to tell people I am having twin girls. At just 20 weeks I was in Texas visiting my friend, Christy, when one of the ladies in her bible study asked if I was due any day. :) I smiled and told her that I was just halfway to the finish line because I was having twins. She was so shocked! I guess I looked like I was pretty close to being done.

Stay tuned tomorrow for reason number 3.


Rebecca said…
Thanks for sharing more of your heart! Can't wait to hear more....
Kristin Smith said…
Praying for you and the girls. Praying for peace as the day approaches. Thanks for your honesty about your feelings. It is a good example of what God wants I think. For us to bring everything to Him so He can take care of things for us. Looking forward to their arrival.
Emily said…
You are so much on my mind every day...I check my feed reader throughout the day hoping for "news" from you. I am praying for you, Jake, and the girls (with their sweet, adorable names). Oh, and I so sympathize with you about the nerve/ligament/tendon issues. Even though I was only carrying one baby in my second pregnancy, my hip ligaments got all loose and my hips would pinch and pop out. SO PAINFUL, and always at the most inconvenient times. LOL! Soon it will be but a memory, and you will be sore in other places instead! =) And your shoulders and arms will get really muscular from carrying babies around.

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