Saturday, November 21, 2009

The big reveal...

When I was pregnant with Molly, everyone had a guess as to what we were having. Most people said we were having a boy. In fact, one woman in the Seattle airport told me she thought we were having a girl. She was the only person who guessed right. I had an inkling we might be having a girl, but that was more of what I wanted than what I really thought we were having.

This time has been no different. In fact, a few days before our ultrasound we polled some of our family members to see what people thought. Here were the results:

The majority of the votes were for: 1 boy and 1 girl. One vote came in for 2 boys and one vote for 2 girls. People were even giving suggestions as to what we should call our son and daughter twin combo: Janie and Jack, Dennis and Denise (you can guess who suggested that one), Jack and Jill, and the list went on.

We decided to share our news by wrapping two outfits that showed what genders we were having. Those we were with got to open that cute gift and unwrap each outfit, revealing what we were having. It was so much fun to see the different and excited reactions of others as they found out the news! I am so glad we waited to share it in person!

Since I cannot have each of you open our fun "gift" I will share it with you through a picture. Enjoy our news and give great thanks with us!!

I have to say it even though it's clearly obvious. We're having 2 girls!! I still cannot believe it and I think the news will take some time to sink in. It's been so fun knowing and I can see why people find out the gender ahead of time. What an exciting time x's two!!

Oh and I have to tell you that the one vote for two girls was my older sister, Ashley. She was so pleased to have "won" the competition especially since she's the mother of 5 boys!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Babies update #7

Praise the Lord with us! Our ultrasound this afternoon went smoothly! Both babies are measuring great and they both weigh in at a hefty 8 ounces! The technician we had also did our ultrasound back in May when we went in for a second opinion on our precious Micah. She remembered us right away and was excited to see us again, this time for a good outcome.

Our tech's name is Stacy and she said she would probably be seeing us about every month for check ups on the babies. She did an excellent job and even cracked some jokes with Jacob who was making me laugh and as a result, making the images on screen all jiggly. It was really a fun appointment as we got to see all sorts of things about our babies.

Baby A is head down and Baby B is head up, although that will most likely change over the next few months. My placentas are both on top and possibly fused together, she was unable to tell for sure. We even saw Baby B kicking at Baby A's head. :) They are both so close together they could probably snuggle each other.

Both of their brains looked great. She measured all sorts of things about their brains like the cerebellum and then some other words I don't remember. Everything checked out great! Each baby's bladder, kidneys, diaphram, stomach, and heart were also measured and recorded. It was really neat to see each of the four chambers of the heart pumping away and providing life to our little ones. The tech also measured their leg and arm bones as well as the amount of fluid in each babies sack.

We saw arms, legs, feet, and little hands all moving around. We even brought our video camera to capture some of the action for fun. Thankfully she was able to see both babies' gender and neither of them were shy about it. We are very excited about knowing more about our babies. I can now see why some find out the gender before birth. It's pretty fun!

We are enjoying the news to ourselves for a few days and then we'll share it with our family over Thanksgiving. A perfect time to give thanks for the blessings God has given us through our kids.

Again, we thank you for the continued prayers for us and our little ones. We daily give them back to the Lord because we know that they are a precious gift and not anything we deserve to have. What a treasure to be able to get pregnant and experience life growing inside me. I do not deserve it nor do I take it for granted. We love these babies for as long as God gives them to us. And we are so thankful for such a gift!!

Stay tuned for our big announcement!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Babies update #6

I just had another check-up with my doctor. It was a good check up and we were able to hear their different heartbeats, which was very neat and reassuring.

He was able to find both babies hearts' without any problem which was also comforting. Astrid's heart was around 150 and Bob's was around 145. Both steady and strong. My doctor is pleased we've made it to 18 weeks and is encouraged with our progress.

Tomorrow, at 2:30, we'll be having our 20 week ultrasound even though we're only at 18 weeks. We'll be checking everything, measuring their heads, legs, arms, and bellies. We are also going to see if we can tell what team we're going to be on: Blue, Pink, or Both! We are both looking forward to that appointment and getting to see our babies on the big screen.

If we aren't able to find out the babies' sex then I will for sure do a post about how the ultrasound went and anything noteworthy to report. It is likely that we'll have to have another ultrasound or two to find out this fun news.

If they do cooperate and aren't shy, we will more than likely enjoy the news to ourselves for a few days until we get to Little Rock for Thanksgiving. My hope is that we'll be able to share the news with my family in person and share it with Jacob's family via skype. Once our families know then we'll share it here and on Facebook. So keep checking back for more info! Definitely by this time next week we'll have something to share!

Thanks for praying! Keep 'em coming!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Puppy Stories

You've asked and so you receive! Below are more pics of the precious pup! She has easily made her way into our home and hearts, just like Tank did. Here are some little facts about Lambchop:

- She weighs in at 3 lbs. 12 oz. Light as a feather!
- Her black hair is pitch black and we have found a few areas with white hair, definitely from her dad who had a looks like the red puppy below, with a tuxedo white stripe down his chest.
- Her eyes match her hair, blackest of black. Sometimes when she's sleeping you can see the whites of her eyes, but not often.
- She has some pretty sharp baby teeth, which I can't wait to see fall out. Tanks' teeth were just as sharp and now they aren't so bad.
- Her little legs are about 3 inches long. She can stand up under Tank's belly with no problems.
- She and Tank are best friends that love to bite each others ears, jaws, legs, and noses. Ouch! Not the kind of friend I would want to have! But as long as their tails are wagging I'm fine with it.
- Tank keeps himself occupied playing with her. We no longer have to push him out the front door, he loves to run out and play with her which is fun to watch.

And here's a funny story of the two of them that is just too good to pass up. Tank is obviously bigger and faster than LC but she keeps up with him anyway for awhile. We noticed the other night that LC found a toy of his and was chewing on it. Well, you can guess what happened next. Tank decided he wanted the toy and so he took it from her. She bolted after him and he just ran around with her nipping at his heels. Then she stopped to sniff something and Tank realized she wasn't following him anymore so he came back to find her and then taunted her with the toy in his mouth!! Literally! He dropped down on his front legs with his little rear end sticking up in the air and just wagged his tail. She responded in kind and pounced on him, but did not get the toy.

Fighting over toys usually results in more biting and chasing. It's fun to watch.

Enjoy the pictures!!!

When we met Lambchop for the first time. The red puppy was her companion for the trip. Her name is Lexi and some friends of ours picked her from one of the other litters. She and LC both have the same father.

Jake and Lambchop. She's so small!!

She has a little hat of hair that's all poufy on top. Very cute!! She basically followed us all around. We let them run around a grassy area outside the cargo building before heading home.

Tank investigates the newcomer. They sniffed each other for a bit and then Tank sort of sat there and stared at her like he wasn't sure about her.
Sharing Jake's lap. Can you imagine them both on MY lap? I only have a lap for one dog right now and I know that won't last for long. :)

Thanks for visiting!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Meet LC

Ever since I gave Tank to Jacob for Christmas last year we have just loved having him around and seeing how much joy he brings into our lives. He is such a great dog, so well mannered and incredibly well-behaved, except for the last two weeks at small group. Oops! Anyway, we truly enjoy and delight in him all the time. One of the greatest things about him is that he is totally hypo-allergenic. I am totally allergic to dogs and he doesn't bother me in the slightest. My mom has even been around him a few times and she isn't bothered by him either, and she's even more allergic than I am. The real test will be my sister Ashley, who will meet Tank at Thanksgiving. Can't wait to see what she thinks of him and if he causes her to sneeze at all. I really hope not.

Ok, back to the topic at hand. I don't really remember when we started talking about another puppy but it happened sometime this summer. We contacted the breeder who we got Tank from and there were three litters already in the works, one of which was Tanks' mom Cocoa. We were really excited because we had wanted another chocolate puppy, but this time a female. In September, the week the puppies were due, we got an email from the breeder saying that Cocoa was not pregnant and had never been that entire time. We continue to shake our heads at this, wondering how one doesn't know a dog isn't pregnant. I would think a non-swollen stomach would be the first clue. So, no chocolate poodle puppy for us, bummer.

Either way, the breeder said we could have first pick from one of the other two litters that had just been born. We said we would wait to see pictures and then decide.

We decided on a black female from Gina's litter. We thought it would be better to have a different color and we really liked the dark look. Plus, we wanted a female anyway so we could have the chance for puppies in the future IF we wanted to.

Well, it's been 8 weeks now and just around 3:45 this afternoon a plane in Denver will be landing with our newest puppy on board. Jacob has chosen the name, Lambchop, even though she hasn't the slightest bit of white on her. It's really a cute name, although a little long for calling it out from time to time.

Just recently, the breeder posted some new pictures of our little gal and I picked my favorite two to share here. We will definitely be posting more once we have her and have introduced her to Tank. Since his world is about to be rocked by two infants, we thought a friend would help soften the blow a bit although that was definitely not our main reason for wanting another puppy. I do hope they become best friends! We keep telling Tank about his little sister but I don't think he has the slightest clue what we're saying. :) Plus, he's far more interested in his rubber chicken than getting a playmate.

Enjoy the pics and check back later for more in the coming days.

Isn't she precious! I cannot wait to hold her and get to know her! It's incredible to think how small Tank used to be. It will be fun to take some comparable pictures of the two of them together.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The rest of the story...

Here are the other two ultrasound pictures that are a "must-see". Amazing what technology can do!! I absolutely loved seeing our babies and checking them out from head to toe!

Here's a foot!! So cute and so clear! I have no idea whose foot it belongs to, all I know is that I can't wait to tickle it! :)
Dr. Austin said that the baby was saluting us! Or sucking his/her thumb! Either one is cute and I am so glad we have a picture of it!! Thanks to Dr. Austin and Gayle for their incredible attention to us and our kids!!

Speaking of "his or her", we have an appointment with Imaging (the place where we went for a second opinion on whether or not Micah was really gone or not, and also the place where they have a better ultrasound and check out twins from 20 weeks and on) on Friday November 20th to find out the babies sex and do all the bells and whistles of measuring and such. IF the babies cooperate and we do find out we will more than likely wait to post on the blog until after we've told our immediate family. Once we've done that then we'll definitely share the news via the blog and/or Facebook.

So.. get excited and also pray with us that they continue to grow strong and healthy over the rest of the pregnancy! We continue to trust the Lord with His plans for these two and ask that you do the same with us. Thank you so much for praying for us and lifting us up so many times! There are many who I have not had the pleasure of meeting that I am so grateful for their prayers!!

We are so thankful for the body of Christ!

Thanks for reading!

A lot happened on October 28th

Just a week ago I had a lot to celebrate and look forward to! So many great things happened in one day that I have to say I feel supremely blessed and loved by my God and by so many family and friends.

On October 28th, I celebrated my birthday! I turned 29 this birthday which just doesn't seem possible. I do not feel like I am 29 now, not at all. Nor do I feel like I should be starting a new decade in a year. In spite of being so close to 30, it was a wonderful birthday filled with phone calls, little gifts, and even a yummy peanut butter and chocolate cake at our small group that night, which just happens to be my favorite flavor combination! Don't even think of asking me to share Haagen Daaz' Peanut Butter and Chocolate ice cream with you! OR, telling me how fattening it is. I don't care, I just want to eat some and enjoy it!

I did have one big surprise on my birthday. One that has never happened before in all my 29 years. I even asked my mom and she confirmed this to be true.

We had over a foot of snow fall on my birthday, not to mention the additional foot and a half that fell over the next 48 hours. Beautiful, sparkling snow all pure and white. I do believe we get snow just about anytime of the year in Colorado. And I love it, especially when it warms up to mid 60's two days later. :)

One of the best parts of my birthday happened around noon, earlier than I expected it to. We had another ultrasound of our babies. Our doctor's office was closing early due to the snow and asked if we could come in early. "No problem. See my babies sooner than later? Sure thing!"

My doctor must have been photo happy because we came home with 19 ultrasound pictures all folded up to share. Baby B was the star of the show, being quite photogenic and not shy. Baby A must have been hiding or "purposely hidden" by Baby B and thus we were not able to see A as much as B. It was a great ultrasound, both babies' hearts were pounding away and they were also moving around and even waving to us. Dr. Austin kept saying, "Look how cute they are!" And he's definitely not an emotional kind of doctor, just straight forward and factual. It must have been my birthday that caused him to give us extra time to gaze upon our babies and take extra pictures. I am incredibly thankful for the amazing doctor and staff at the office, so wonderful and so gracious to us as we've all held our breath and waited.

So... without further news and fluff, here are some of the best shots of the twins. Enjoy and give a big "yea" along with me for the scanner working and letting me scan all 19 of the pics. I promise I am not sharing all 19 here, that would take forever.

Here's Baby B all stretched out from head to toe!
Both babies together, looking a bit smooshed if you ask me.
Another one of the twins together, this time from a birds' eye view of their heads. Way cool!
This is Baby B showing off his/her profile! You can see the bridge of the nose, two lips, and a chin. You can also see Baby A off to the right possibly annoyed with B hogging the spotlight!
And this is one of the best shots of baby A. A is closest to my cervix and so harder to see, being tucked in under B.

I was not able to put all of the pictures that I wanted to on this post so I will get the rest in another blog post. Not the rest of the 19, just 2 more that are great to see.

Also, after the ultrasound Jacob took me to Panera for lunch which we both really enjoyed. His birthday gift to me was an assortment of choices around Denver or Boulder of fun places to see or eat at. Can't wait to plan a day full of fun together!