Babies update #6

I just had another check-up with my doctor. It was a good check up and we were able to hear their different heartbeats, which was very neat and reassuring.

He was able to find both babies hearts' without any problem which was also comforting. Astrid's heart was around 150 and Bob's was around 145. Both steady and strong. My doctor is pleased we've made it to 18 weeks and is encouraged with our progress.

Tomorrow, at 2:30, we'll be having our 20 week ultrasound even though we're only at 18 weeks. We'll be checking everything, measuring their heads, legs, arms, and bellies. We are also going to see if we can tell what team we're going to be on: Blue, Pink, or Both! We are both looking forward to that appointment and getting to see our babies on the big screen.

If we aren't able to find out the babies' sex then I will for sure do a post about how the ultrasound went and anything noteworthy to report. It is likely that we'll have to have another ultrasound or two to find out this fun news.

If they do cooperate and aren't shy, we will more than likely enjoy the news to ourselves for a few days until we get to Little Rock for Thanksgiving. My hope is that we'll be able to share the news with my family in person and share it with Jacob's family via skype. Once our families know then we'll share it here and on Facebook. So keep checking back for more info! Definitely by this time next week we'll have something to share!

Thanks for praying! Keep 'em coming!


Laura said…
So thankful for the noises you were able to hear today!! Praying for you....
Sarah said…

Can't wait to find out.

Love you, Bec!
carly smith said…
can't wait to hear what you find out :) hoping for cooperative babies! :) we heard our little monkey's heartbeat again today, such a joyful noise!
Linds said…
I totally forgot that it was your ultrasound this week! Hope all went well today during the 20 week one. Praying for you, Jake and those sweet babies!!!

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