Meet LC

Ever since I gave Tank to Jacob for Christmas last year we have just loved having him around and seeing how much joy he brings into our lives. He is such a great dog, so well mannered and incredibly well-behaved, except for the last two weeks at small group. Oops! Anyway, we truly enjoy and delight in him all the time. One of the greatest things about him is that he is totally hypo-allergenic. I am totally allergic to dogs and he doesn't bother me in the slightest. My mom has even been around him a few times and she isn't bothered by him either, and she's even more allergic than I am. The real test will be my sister Ashley, who will meet Tank at Thanksgiving. Can't wait to see what she thinks of him and if he causes her to sneeze at all. I really hope not.

Ok, back to the topic at hand. I don't really remember when we started talking about another puppy but it happened sometime this summer. We contacted the breeder who we got Tank from and there were three litters already in the works, one of which was Tanks' mom Cocoa. We were really excited because we had wanted another chocolate puppy, but this time a female. In September, the week the puppies were due, we got an email from the breeder saying that Cocoa was not pregnant and had never been that entire time. We continue to shake our heads at this, wondering how one doesn't know a dog isn't pregnant. I would think a non-swollen stomach would be the first clue. So, no chocolate poodle puppy for us, bummer.

Either way, the breeder said we could have first pick from one of the other two litters that had just been born. We said we would wait to see pictures and then decide.

We decided on a black female from Gina's litter. We thought it would be better to have a different color and we really liked the dark look. Plus, we wanted a female anyway so we could have the chance for puppies in the future IF we wanted to.

Well, it's been 8 weeks now and just around 3:45 this afternoon a plane in Denver will be landing with our newest puppy on board. Jacob has chosen the name, Lambchop, even though she hasn't the slightest bit of white on her. It's really a cute name, although a little long for calling it out from time to time.

Just recently, the breeder posted some new pictures of our little gal and I picked my favorite two to share here. We will definitely be posting more once we have her and have introduced her to Tank. Since his world is about to be rocked by two infants, we thought a friend would help soften the blow a bit although that was definitely not our main reason for wanting another puppy. I do hope they become best friends! We keep telling Tank about his little sister but I don't think he has the slightest clue what we're saying. :) Plus, he's far more interested in his rubber chicken than getting a playmate.

Enjoy the pics and check back later for more in the coming days.

Isn't she precious! I cannot wait to hold her and get to know her! It's incredible to think how small Tank used to be. It will be fun to take some comparable pictures of the two of them together.


Laura Victoria: said…
EEEEEEEK!!! She is so freakin presh! Cant wait to meet her in a few weeks!

Anonymous said…
we want a puppy! (just kidding!) so glad to see that your blog is full of joy!!!
Barb said…
You're going to need a mop on hand to clean up all those melting hearts! She's adorable!
Stacee said…
I can't wait to see more pics of little Lampchop!! So adorable!!

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