Zeke turns ONE!!

Can you tell what the theme of the party was?? Bow ties for our little nugget Zeke! It's pretty amazing how fast a year goes by.  He's so darn cute and loves his big sisters so much!  He's also pretty fond of his Daddy.

His party was a success in pulling off when it came to the decorations and theme, but as for the attendants, it was a smaller group and one of the partyers had food poisoning and lost his lunch all over the floor shortly after Zeke bit into his cake.  The two families who came were leaving and I was nursing a very fussy Zeke in his room when he decided to join the "puke party" and lost his cake all over his white carpeted bedroom. The thing to note here is that his bedroom is the only bedroom upstairs with carpet.  In fact, most of our house is hardwood or tile with the exception of the basement bedroom, movie room, and his room.

I promptly bathed him and spent the next half hour on my hands and knees scrubbing and willing the purple mess out of the carpet.  (He'd had some purple carrot baby food prior to cake) I was pretty irritated to be cleaning up this kind of mess on the night of his special birthday but then quickly reminded myself that this was part of the process and something I would soon forget or that would fade with time.

You probably were looking forward to reading about babies throwing up when you opened this post, right?!

And since there's more to Zeke than his tummy troubles, I will give you a quick flyby of what's he's currently into and what life is like for him.

-He can crawl pretty fast and pulls up on furniture, but is thankfully NOT walking or attempting to walk yet.  I am perfectly happy with this mode of transportation.
-He is a stair master and makes a beeline for them as soon as possible.  But remember the floor situation in our house?? The stairs are all wood and so we make it a point to follow him up the stairs whenever we hear his pudgy little hands smacking the stairs.
-Zeke and Rainey love each other.  Rainey loves to giggle at him and run away from him squealing, as if tempting him to chase her.  He usually grins and starts crawling toward her for more laughs.
-We all love to tickle him and get him laughing, especially me.
-He's learning what "No" means, in particular around mealtime and the throwing of food off the high chair.
-As it turns out, we're pretty sure he's allergic or has some sensitivity to dairy which means no milk or cheese or homemade frosting on cake! Bummer!!
-He also loves swings, his rocking chair, and anything that lulls him to sleep.  Jake gave me a hammock for Mother's Day and I got in it with Zeke and within 10 minutes he was snoring. It was a sweet little time with my little guy.
-His first haircut was a success! He doesn't look like a baby much anymore now that his hair is trim and clean cut!

Hope you enjoyed the photos!!


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Such a fun theme! Happy birthday Zeke!
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