Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Meet Rainey Elizabeth Mutz

The newest member of our family has arrived!  It has only taken me 2 weeks since she was born to make the time to share about her arrival. Something about now having three kids, all under 2 1/2, might have something to do with my lack of posting these days.

In any case, here's the story in pictures.

Before leaving for the hospital, we took a few family photos of the four of us.

Seconds after she was born, I had the prize in my arms!! Well worth the hard work it took to bring her into the world.

An incredibly, super proud Daddy!! He did an amazing job supporting me through the labor and delivery process.  That story to come later, when I have more brain cells.

Some snuggle time.

Beautiful blue eyes, just like her sisters!!

The weigh in:  8 pounds 8.8 ounces, 21 1/4 inches long.

Rainey Elizabeth Mutz: Born on Tuesday September 11th at 6:58 p.m.

 The twins were SO excited to meet their baby sister!!

Our new family picture!  Now a family of five!

Monday, July 9, 2012

8 weeks to go

Being pregnant and chasing around two toddlers is a far cry from being pregnant and propping my feet up anytime I felt like it.  I had quite the luxurious life when I was pregnant with Molly and then again with the twins.  I wasn't chasing anyone around except our dogs when they weren't behaving.

This time has been different and I have decided that even though I have been pregnant several times, each time has a unique set of differences all its own.  And I am reminded once again that carrying this sweet life inside is such a gift that outweighs any sleepless nights, complications, aching back, or the effort it now takes to get off the floor at least 20 times a day.

We found out about this little stowaway just after Christmas was over and my husband's family had gone back home from being with us for the holiday.  I was in a bit of denial that I was even pregnant because I had taken a few tests that had come back negative and we had experienced two miscarriages earlier that summer.  And if I was pregnant, I sure wasn't going to get my hopes up or anything just yet.  So we told our families and kept the secret close until we saw our tiny baby's heart beating wildly at 9 weeks along.

Fast forward to 18 weeks, we had an ultrasound to check for any abnormalities or complications with this new life and were grateful to hear a good report with no findings.  We also had the ultrasound tech share the gender of our baby with my sister in law, Johanna, who came with us to our appointment.  She and the twins' babysitter, Hillary, worked hard the following day to put on a gender reveal party where we ended up finding out what gender our baby is.  We invited lots of friends and even had my older sister and her family there for the big reveal.  No one knew the secret until Jake and I both bit into delicious cupcakes where we found a yummy filling tinted a soft baby, PINK!! Another girl to grace our home!! We are delighted!

That party seems like just a few weeks ago and yet here I am with only 8 weeks to go.  I am 32 weeks and still enjoying every kick, squirm, and wiggle.  I have learned her little schedule and she wakes up every morning around 7:30 which means I am also awake. And I'm pretty sure she gets the hiccups every day which always keeps me at ease, knowing she's still with me.

We are excited to meet this little one but hopefully not just yet.  I still have a nursery to paint and decorate, not to mention we still haven't settled on a name for her.  I told a friend recently that I will be unprepared if she comes early as none of her older sisters ever came early.  Molly was born at 41 weeks and the twins were still comfy when we went in for a scheduled c-section at 38 weeks.  So if she comes early, I will be shocked and not prepared, to say the least.

Hope you enjoy our little update.  I would share pictures of the reveal party but I am in the mountains and don't have my computer with all my pictures on it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mommy Sad...

Today marks the 4th birthday of our precious, Molly Ann.  It really seems like just yesterday that she was here and then again it feels like it's been forever since I held her and kissed her soft, sweet skin.

I've been thinking about this special day for over a week.  Trying to process how I feel and what I want the day to look like.  I have learned in the past few years that the days leading up to a birthday or home-going day are often harder than the day itself.  When the day comes and then passes, it feels almost like I've been holding my breath and am finally able to breathe again.  As a mom of two busy toddlers, I have to admit that finding time to celebrate and grieve has been quite the challenge this year. Last year I don't remember a bunch of what we did, except that I probably had two nap times that day to sit and think and the girls were younger and not even walking just yet.

As I was folding laundry today, I thought back to the first 2 years of missing Molly and how I had all the time in the world to grieve, cry, sleep in, take a nap, write in her journal, go sit at her doorway, etc.  I thought to myself, "Wow, I envy those days."  And those that have experienced a loss know exactly what I am talking about.  I do not wish Piper and Lily weren't here, I just wish I had a few more hours to myself that I used to have before I had kids.  Grieving has taken on a new look as we have been blessed with additional children.

So today has been really hard for me.  I mean, I feel depressed really.  I didn't want to get out of bed, I didn't take a shower and I really needed to, I don't really care what the girls eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and I just want to sleep, sleep, and sleep some more.  But since I can't just sleep the day away, I have pushed on and done the bare minimum until it was getting close to the twins going down for naps.

I was feeling really lonely in my grief and heavy with sadness and that's when God used one of my daughters to whisper to my heart that He cared and was listening more than I realized.  

I was standing in the upstairs hallway taping a photo of Lily back to her birthday poster when I heard her come running down the hallway from my room and saying something that sounded a lot like, "Mommy sad." Surely she isn't saying that, she is probably just repeating something that Piper said or talking about Mommy's hat or something that sounds like sad.  I am realizing that a lot of words they say sound alike so I honestly didn't think much about it.

I continued what I was doing until she came right up in front of me and repeated the phrase.  Yeah, it really sounds like she's saying I'm sad.  How did she know that?  Surely at age two, she can't tell that I am fighting tears and so sad.  How could she have known that?

She stood right in front of me and I asked her what she said and she just repeated it again.  "Mommy sad."  I asked her if she said that I was sad and she nodded her head with a little "yeah it's true Mom" look on her face.  I smiled and then she put her arms out for me to pick her up, which happens a lot these days.  But instead of me just holding her, she wrapped her sweet little arms around me and hugged me tight, with her head on my shoulder.  Her little voice whispered in my ear, "Hug."  I told her thank you and then she wiggled out of my arms and ran back to whatever she had been doing before.

Apparently she had been sitting on her Daddy's lap and pointed to a photo of Molly that we have in our bedroom.  He told her that it was her birthday and that Mommy is sad and probably needs a hug.  He said that she hopped down off his lap and ran out of the room. He figured she would forget or get sidetracked and he also didn't know that I was just down the hallway where Lily was on her way to warm my heart.

God is so good to us.  So gracious and loving to come near to us, even through the simple words of our kids.  I am so grateful for Lily's tender heart and spirit that knew something was making Mommy sad and that I needed a hug as well.  What a sweet little gift it was.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just pictures

A few photos and captions for your afternoon amusement and enjoyment. :)

At the Denver Garden Show where we "bumped into" a beautiful "flower", Lily and Piper's Zaza Mutz (that's the name she chose over Grandma..) We had such a fun time!!

Finger Paint at Monkey Bizness!!

Lily didn't understand that the brush end went into the paint, but she had fun anyway.

Lily discovering what finger paint tastes like...

On a beautiful snowy stroller ride in Fraser, CO!

Also while in Fraser, they learned how to climb up the ladder to the top bunk bed.. Hmm, guess who taught them that?!

Reading books together with a blankie over their laps. A must for any book reading session.

Lily's encounter with Barney at Chuck E Cheese, and likely her last. Although she loved the rides, her parents weren't too thrilled with the max load of patrons there. And Piper didn't like the rides at all, just stared in wonder at all the lights, sounds going off, and people everywhere.

Dressed like one of their sitters, Lindsey, for her going away party!! The theme was to come dressed like Linds and so the girls wore leggings, furry boots, and puffy vests! Complete with Mardi Gras beads. :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

An eggstravagant trip to Wal Mart

A few days ago I had to make one last run to the grocery store for a few things. I had been to the store a few times that week already, so what was one more trip.

Grocery shopping with twins is a challenge. With toddlers who don’t walk very fast and don’t fit together in the front seat of the cart anymore, I had to resort to putting them in the basket and our groceries in the front seat, underneath the cart, and all around the girls. It’s especially challenging if I end up getting lots of canned goods, which Piper loves to stack and then un-stack. I’m pushing my cart through the aisles like it’s an obstacle course, Piper was moving cans around and Lily was standing up and then sitting down.

A few items multiplied into something like 20 and I found myself standing in the paper towel, zip-lock, and trash bag aisle for my last item. I had been telling the girls to sit down the entire trip so I decided that they could stand up while I looked for some extra huge zip-lock bags. Plus, I parked the cart next to the paper towels so I figured they couldn’t hurt those, right? Right.

It turned out that allowing them to have some freedom wasn’t the brightest choice in my brain that morning. As I was squatting down by the lowest shelf inspecting too many choices, I heard these sounds: SPLAT, DRIP, CRACK, CRUNCH!! And then I heard the girls say, “Uh-oh!!” which happens to be their favorite thing to say, by the way.

I whirl around to see Lily pulling the egg carton lid up and subsequently dumping nearly all 18 eggs out and onto the floor and through our cart with its load of groceries. As I surveyed the scene, there were raw eggs dripping everywhere, eggshells hanging from the metal bars of the cart, and egg whites and yolks making little puddles around my cart like it had rained on us.

I’m not really sure what all I said in the next 90 seconds, but I’m sure it sounded something like, “No! Sit down! Yucky! No touch! Ewww!! No! Sit down, Lily! Piper, no touch, yucky! Oh this is so gross! No touch! Yucky!” Piper was eyeing her precious cans that were now oozing with egg whites and broken yolks. She reached out for them and made her toddler-like, universal noise that says, “I need that!!” I hurriedly told her an emphatic “no” that she couldn’t have them because they were now contaminated with raw grossness! Lily continued to sound the alarm with gleeful shouts of “uh oh” and “wow!”

My brain was going 900 miles an hour trying to figure out what to do with my children and this mess we were now in. That’s when I realized that I really could not have picked a better aisle to be in. Just down the row lay my saving grace: antibacterial hand wipes! I grabbed a tub of them, yanked open the top, pulled half of them out, and began to rub down the girls hands, our groceries, and anything else I saw that had been contaminated!

And while standing in our eggy mess, a mom with twin boys walked by and one of the boys asked me what happened. I told him the story and he then said to me, “Well, you’re going to need some more eggs!” And he was right.

Happy New Year and Happy Thanksgiving??

A new year and new resolutions, right? My latest edition of Everyday Food magazine had light recipes on every page! The TV will soon start playing commercials about slim fast, joining a gym, or buying some machine that you can store under your bed and it will make you look like a weight lifter if you follow these three easy steps. It's everywhere folks, so I might as well accept that a new year has started and either make goals or don't.

We were talking about goals the other day with some friends over lunch and one of mine was to blog more. And so, to start the new year off right, I thought I would go ahead and check one thing off my list of resolutions! You're so jealous of me right now, aren't you? With more blogging in mind, since I promised an update on our Thanksgiving feast and photos, here they are. I'm just a little over a month late, not bad!

And, check!! That one is done!

The view of our dining room before we all descended upon it.

Each person had a paper plate for brunch, a regular plate for the big meal later that day, a cute card made by yours truly for writing down the 5 things we were thankful for, and 5 kernels of corn to signify each. I also gave everyone as a gift the cute little glittery pine cones that served as place cards. Great idea Crate and Barrel!

Here we are having brunch and reading the story of the pilgrims, also writing down our list of 5 things. We shared them later after the story and over dinner/the feast!

Lily and her friend Caleb, playing under the table while the adults kept on reading. All the kids did remarkably well for the meal!

And the spread for the feast! Yumm-o!! Big time deliciousness!!

Everyone brought a dish or two to share, which made the meal so yummy and so fun!! And so unique!

And of course, I went a little overboard and made some compound butters to go with our rolls and potatoes. The bright pink one was a cranberry and cinnamon butter and the tan one was my favorite: sage and brown butter! So good! As we were sharing what we were thankful for, one of our friends said he was thankful for compound butter. :) I thought he was joking but he actually wrote it down on his card!

The turkey that I conquered!! I know you all were hoping I would post a pic of it.

And the carnage of the pumpkin pecan praline cheesecake that I made. So yummy and decadent! I could have eaten the praline by itself it was so good!!

And a shot of the hostesses! We gave Jacob a turkey leg for the meal, for being the turkey that he is. :)

It was a grand time! Really fun and lots of great people!