Monday, July 9, 2012

8 weeks to go

Being pregnant and chasing around two toddlers is a far cry from being pregnant and propping my feet up anytime I felt like it.  I had quite the luxurious life when I was pregnant with Molly and then again with the twins.  I wasn't chasing anyone around except our dogs when they weren't behaving.

This time has been different and I have decided that even though I have been pregnant several times, each time has a unique set of differences all its own.  And I am reminded once again that carrying this sweet life inside is such a gift that outweighs any sleepless nights, complications, aching back, or the effort it now takes to get off the floor at least 20 times a day.

We found out about this little stowaway just after Christmas was over and my husband's family had gone back home from being with us for the holiday.  I was in a bit of denial that I was even pregnant because I had taken a few tests that had come back negative and we had experienced two miscarriages earlier that summer.  And if I was pregnant, I sure wasn't going to get my hopes up or anything just yet.  So we told our families and kept the secret close until we saw our tiny baby's heart beating wildly at 9 weeks along.

Fast forward to 18 weeks, we had an ultrasound to check for any abnormalities or complications with this new life and were grateful to hear a good report with no findings.  We also had the ultrasound tech share the gender of our baby with my sister in law, Johanna, who came with us to our appointment.  She and the twins' babysitter, Hillary, worked hard the following day to put on a gender reveal party where we ended up finding out what gender our baby is.  We invited lots of friends and even had my older sister and her family there for the big reveal.  No one knew the secret until Jake and I both bit into delicious cupcakes where we found a yummy filling tinted a soft baby, PINK!! Another girl to grace our home!! We are delighted!

That party seems like just a few weeks ago and yet here I am with only 8 weeks to go.  I am 32 weeks and still enjoying every kick, squirm, and wiggle.  I have learned her little schedule and she wakes up every morning around 7:30 which means I am also awake. And I'm pretty sure she gets the hiccups every day which always keeps me at ease, knowing she's still with me.

We are excited to meet this little one but hopefully not just yet.  I still have a nursery to paint and decorate, not to mention we still haven't settled on a name for her.  I told a friend recently that I will be unprepared if she comes early as none of her older sisters ever came early.  Molly was born at 41 weeks and the twins were still comfy when we went in for a scheduled c-section at 38 weeks.  So if she comes early, I will be shocked and not prepared, to say the least.

Hope you enjoy our little update.  I would share pictures of the reveal party but I am in the mountains and don't have my computer with all my pictures on it.