Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Molly's Birthday celebrations

Here are some pictures of our time celebrating Molly's precious life.

Piper and Lily are all smiles for their big sister, Molly.

The girls and I with Molly's birthday decorations.

Daddy and Piper.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Molly Ann

Just wanted to share some pictures from the first 48 hours of her life. We have enjoyed celebrating her life today and will continue to all week as we reflect on the joy she brought just 2 years ago. Amazing how time goes so fast. Amazing what we walked through 2 years ago and what we experienced. Incredibly life changing.

I am forever changed by her, by the grace given to us by God. She is, and will forever remain, my precious Molly Ann. No one will ever replace her, not now and not ever.

Hugs and kisses.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Twin of the Week

Lily and Lambchop

Me and Piper

Hungry girls!!

Miss Lily

Snuggle bugs: Piper and Lily

One of the funny things about having twins is deciding which one to hold or snuggle or love on. We aren't usually just holding one of them without trying to console the other or changing ones diaper and then the other before putting them down for their nap. Jacob realized just a few weeks ago that he was not enjoying them for who they were as individuals because it was all about feeding both of them, changing both of their diapers, or putting them both down for naps. He felt that he would enjoy them more if he was focusing on just one at a time.

So he has now decided on a new tradition, if that's what you'd call it: Twin of the Week. Last week it was Piper and this week it is Lily. When he's focusing on one of them he holds them when we feed them bottles or takes them outside on a little walk. He'll talk to that twin more than the other and really focus on how cute they are or what he likes about them. It's really fun to watch.

By default, I get the other twin each week. So when it's Piper of the week, I get Lily and vice versa. It's really fun for me too because then I get to focus on just one baby too. With one baby we would be focusing on just that baby and their needs and wants and special characteristics. But with two, we have to split our time and focus on both of them at once or each of them separately.

We have been doing really well and the girls are growing like weeds, or at least Lily is. She's probably close to 9 pounds and already growing out of newborn clothes. She's in 0-3 or 3 month stuff but it's still a little big. Lily is also our serious baby. She furrows her eyebrows and is constantly focusing on something or looking around intently. I haven't seen her smile as much as Piper, but I'm sure that will happen soon enough. She likes tummy time and will often fall asleep that way if we let her.

Piper is starting to be very smiley. Last night she grinned and smiled at a neighbor of ours who was holding her. She was just as content as can be and that was fun to see. She is thinner than Lily and is still in newborn clothes. I would guess she is close to 8 pounds if not already. She does not like tummy time, probably due to her acid reflux, but we still have her do it some each day so that she gets used to it. She also cries more than Lily but we also think that is partly because of her reflux and partly her personality.

I'll post more pics later this week after their 2 month check up. I can't believe they are already 2 months old!!