Molly's Birthday celebrations

Here are some pictures of our time celebrating Molly's precious life.

Piper and Lily are all smiles for their big sister, Molly.

The girls and I with Molly's birthday decorations.

Daddy and Piper.


belle said…
how precious!

the twins have such beautiful smiles. big sister would be so proud :)

what a beautiful family you have.
Tiffany Rupp said…
You look wonderful! I love the big sister shirts! Happy birthday!
Megan said…
So precious Rebecca!! The girls just get cuter and cuter with every update. Love their "little sister" pics. Thanks for sharing :)
ShayJ said…
So Precious !! (:
Anonymous said…
Your girls are adorable!!! I bet you are so busy!! Say hello to Jacob from the Atwoods. Also, I am wanting the name of the devo book that you wrote for girls. Can you send me the info?

Thank you Rebecca!
Katy said…
The girls are getting so big!

What a wonderful way to remember Molly.

I love y'all!
Kristin Smith said…
Gosh they grow so fast. Sweet little faces, sweet smiles. Love their Little Sister outfits. Bless y'all.
JRobins3 said…
How precious! Those onesies are too cute and their smiles are priceless!
irbystreet said…
And I didn't know you had twins!! They are BEAUTIFUL, Rebecca!!!!

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