Happy New Year and Happy Thanksgiving??

A new year and new resolutions, right? My latest edition of Everyday Food magazine had light recipes on every page! The TV will soon start playing commercials about slim fast, joining a gym, or buying some machine that you can store under your bed and it will make you look like a weight lifter if you follow these three easy steps. It's everywhere folks, so I might as well accept that a new year has started and either make goals or don't.

We were talking about goals the other day with some friends over lunch and one of mine was to blog more. And so, to start the new year off right, I thought I would go ahead and check one thing off my list of resolutions! You're so jealous of me right now, aren't you? With more blogging in mind, since I promised an update on our Thanksgiving feast and photos, here they are. I'm just a little over a month late, not bad!

And, check!! That one is done!

The view of our dining room before we all descended upon it.

Each person had a paper plate for brunch, a regular plate for the big meal later that day, a cute card made by yours truly for writing down the 5 things we were thankful for, and 5 kernels of corn to signify each. I also gave everyone as a gift the cute little glittery pine cones that served as place cards. Great idea Crate and Barrel!

Here we are having brunch and reading the story of the pilgrims, also writing down our list of 5 things. We shared them later after the story and over dinner/the feast!

Lily and her friend Caleb, playing under the table while the adults kept on reading. All the kids did remarkably well for the meal!

And the spread for the feast! Yumm-o!! Big time deliciousness!!

Everyone brought a dish or two to share, which made the meal so yummy and so fun!! And so unique!

And of course, I went a little overboard and made some compound butters to go with our rolls and potatoes. The bright pink one was a cranberry and cinnamon butter and the tan one was my favorite: sage and brown butter! So good! As we were sharing what we were thankful for, one of our friends said he was thankful for compound butter. :) I thought he was joking but he actually wrote it down on his card!

The turkey that I conquered!! I know you all were hoping I would post a pic of it.

And the carnage of the pumpkin pecan praline cheesecake that I made. So yummy and decadent! I could have eaten the praline by itself it was so good!!

And a shot of the hostesses! We gave Jacob a turkey leg for the meal, for being the turkey that he is. :)

It was a grand time! Really fun and lots of great people!


Um okay I have a few comments.
1) LOVE THIS! :-) Your Mom would be so very proud of carrying on your Thanksgiving tradition! Awesome.
2) I love LOVE LOOOOOVE that pic of you! You look beautiful! Your hair is awesome! I miss you so much!
3) Yeay for more blogging. :-) I need to do that too.
Katie said…
I agree with everything Christy said. :) Your hair truly looks so great in that pic! I can't wait for more blogging in 2012! Love you girl.
Katy said…
I love the picture of the hostess and her hubby at the end...so fun friend!

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