Laurel Box

I'm so excited to share with you all this very dear and necessary new company that my sister in law, Johanna, has just started with her cousin, Denise.  I've never been asked to review a product or website before, so bear with me as this is a new way of writing.

Laurel Box is a small company that was recently started to provide thoughtful, hand selected gifts for women in seasons of grief, difficult change, or loss.  Each item has been thoughtfully created to bring comfort and tenderness to a woman who has recently experienced the loss of a child, a miscarriage, or a significant change in her life.

For Johanna and Denise, this idea was born out of the desire to want to help several friends who were experiencing losses of babies and loved ones.  These precious women were feeling at a loss for what to send to their friends as a way to show love and support. So they created laurel box.

One of the cool things about their company is the desire to create unique items that can only be found on their website.  They found a local tea shop in Denver who created three unique tea blends just for their company.  And the same goes for the three essential oils they have for sale.  A wonderful woman who makes oil blends did the same and created them just for laurel box and for seasons of grief. There are precious necklaces and charms so you can wear your baby's initials, or a lovely silver or gold locket to wear with a photo of your loved one.  Two beautifully stamped tea towels to hang in your kitchen or bathroom are a great reminder of God's promises to always be with you in your time of grief and sorrow. One of my most favorite items is a birthday candle to light for your loved one on their special day. I can't wait to do this for Molly! There are even more products to share but I think a look around their website would be better than reading about it here.

Please check out their website! It's so amazing what these two beautiful souls have done in such a short time. I plan on ordering a few items for Molly's birthday and when I get them I will write another review with pictures of what I got.

Thanks for reading and taking a peek at Laurel Box.  It's sure to inspire you and be a perfect place to go when you want to offer support and love to someone going through a difficult season of life.


belle said…
What a wonderful idea!
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Brad Thomas said…
Please call Brad at 303817.1174 about a flying lantern!
Brad Thomas said…
Our boys found it in North Boulder flying over the soccer fields!
Brad Thomas said…
Our two boys saw it flying in the sky
Brad Thomas said…
It is beautiful especially since 3 of us have a birthday this week!

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