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You've asked and so you receive! Below are more pics of the precious pup! She has easily made her way into our home and hearts, just like Tank did. Here are some little facts about Lambchop:

- She weighs in at 3 lbs. 12 oz. Light as a feather!
- Her black hair is pitch black and we have found a few areas with white hair, definitely from her dad who had a looks like the red puppy below, with a tuxedo white stripe down his chest.
- Her eyes match her hair, blackest of black. Sometimes when she's sleeping you can see the whites of her eyes, but not often.
- She has some pretty sharp baby teeth, which I can't wait to see fall out. Tanks' teeth were just as sharp and now they aren't so bad.
- Her little legs are about 3 inches long. She can stand up under Tank's belly with no problems.
- She and Tank are best friends that love to bite each others ears, jaws, legs, and noses. Ouch! Not the kind of friend I would want to have! But as long as their tails are wagging I'm fine with it.
- Tank keeps himself occupied playing with her. We no longer have to push him out the front door, he loves to run out and play with her which is fun to watch.

And here's a funny story of the two of them that is just too good to pass up. Tank is obviously bigger and faster than LC but she keeps up with him anyway for awhile. We noticed the other night that LC found a toy of his and was chewing on it. Well, you can guess what happened next. Tank decided he wanted the toy and so he took it from her. She bolted after him and he just ran around with her nipping at his heels. Then she stopped to sniff something and Tank realized she wasn't following him anymore so he came back to find her and then taunted her with the toy in his mouth!! Literally! He dropped down on his front legs with his little rear end sticking up in the air and just wagged his tail. She responded in kind and pounced on him, but did not get the toy.

Fighting over toys usually results in more biting and chasing. It's fun to watch.

Enjoy the pictures!!!

When we met Lambchop for the first time. The red puppy was her companion for the trip. Her name is Lexi and some friends of ours picked her from one of the other litters. She and LC both have the same father.

Jake and Lambchop. She's so small!!

She has a little hat of hair that's all poufy on top. Very cute!! She basically followed us all around. We let them run around a grassy area outside the cargo building before heading home.

Tank investigates the newcomer. They sniffed each other for a bit and then Tank sort of sat there and stared at her like he wasn't sure about her.
Sharing Jake's lap. Can you imagine them both on MY lap? I only have a lap for one dog right now and I know that won't last for long. :)

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Linds said…
they're precious! I wish Toby was that little again (we brought him home at 2 lbs!)
Karen said…
Thank you for sharing your story...A friend emailed a link to your book that I plan to order tomorrow. I followed the links to your precious blog! Your posts have been such a blessing to me and I will be lifting up your sweet family in prayer.
Laura said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laura said…
So cute! I can't wait to see them...and you too.
angie gutshall said…
What kind of puppies are they? They are sooooo cute!!

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