I can't believe we have just four days left!! Wow! I am really excited!

For today, my 5th reason that I love being pregnant:

#5 I love watching our babies progress each week through some emails I get and a book on their weekly development. It is really neat to me to get to track what is developing this week and what they are doing that's new. Even though I have read through this book already 2 times, I still find it fascinating how their bodies grow and form so intricately and beautifully. What a creative God we serve!

As for an update on my latest appointments, I saw my doctor for the last check-up yesterday. He walked in the room and said, "Well, one more week left." I smiled and said, "Yeah, Monday!" He did a double take and realized that we were down to just several days instead of a week. Good thing I reminded him or he might not have made it to my c-section. :)

We pick up my parents Sunday evening and I'll do my best to sleep before heading to the hospital around 10 a.m. on Monday. We are so thrilled to be closer and closer each day.

Check out a really sweet and fun gift a friend sent me in the mail:

Inside a cute cupcake box are 6 onesies wrapped up with socks and curly barretts on top to look like cute cupcakes!! So adorable and such a fun idea for a gift!! Thanks Meg!

And thanks to everyone else for following my fun reasons thus far and keeping us in your prayers these last few days!


Carrie said…
I can't wait to hear the good news, good luck with everything!
Tattle said…
Hi Rebecca, I read your book during this last summer and have been following your blog ever since. You have a very precious heart and are an inspiration to moms everywhere. I wanted to let you know that you have been and continue to be in my thoughts and prayers! I hope you enjoy these last few days of pregnancy. :)
Kristin Smith said…
Just so excited for you and so glad your parents are coming...blessings
LWB said…
So excited for you two - can't believe you are this close!

lots of love!

M. Serna said…
Aww, so glad you like them! I had so much fun making it and couldn't get over how darn cute it is! Second best to come really good REAL cupcakes ;)

Good to hear your parents are already in town for the big event, that must be nice. Absolutely excited for Monday to come and to see pics of these sweet girls!
Lisamarting said…
Dear Rebecca, My name is Lisa. I looked you up today after hearing "Familylife" on the radio. I looked up your book and one thing led to another and here I am!! I plan to get your book and also get one for a friend who lost her little baby girl also. I lost my first son, Ethan, in 1991. I appreciate your honesty in writing about your grief. I remember feeling so many of those feeling also. (and many times they come back to "haunt" me...even after almost 19 years...) I will be praying for you as you get closer to the births of Piper and Lily. With Love and Encouragement in Christ, Lisa Marting
Krystal said…
I don't comment much, but I've been watching your blog and praying for all of you. Can't wait to see pictures and rejoice with all of you!

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