2 Weeks left, but who's counting?

With 2 weeks to go, I am feeling more and more ready and excited to meet these girls! I am really ready for the craziness to begin, to get less sleep, to be calming crying babies, etc. Everyone tells me to enjoy these last few weeks before it all starts. I am definitely doing my best to enjoy them, but I gotta tell you that I am so excited to have 2 more in our family! We've been waiting for over 2 years for this!!

With my clothes options getting smaller and smaller, literally, I am looking forward to more options in the coming weeks. Today, it is warm and sunny out and supposed to hit in the low 60's. I stood in my closet and looked at the one pair of jeans that I can still wear and thought, "hmmm, should I wear these jeans or these jeans?" :) I opted instead for a non-maternity skirt that is so springy and fun! If it didn't have the elastic waistband and drawstring, I wouldn't be wearing it now. I'm just so darn hot to be wearing jeans!!

A friend just asked me yesterday what it was like to have two babies in my belly vs. just one. I told her that it's definitely different and I can really tell there are two based on all the squirms, kicks, and jabs that I feel.

If you were looking at my belly, Piper (baby A) is on the right side facing her sister. She's head up and her feet like to play the drums on my bladder and major arteries in my legs. I can definitely feel her head and lately I've noticed what must be her shoulder pushing out as well. Or maybe it's her fist, I'm not sure. Lilly (baby B) is on the left side and is also facing her sister. She's head down with her feet straight into my ribs, maybe she's trying to tickle me or something. :) I can feel her two feet playing my ribs and sometimes I can feel what must be her bottom pushing out my side.

It's really quite fun to sit and imagine what they're up to in there. Sometimes one is awake while the other is sleeping, and sometimes they are both awake and likely having a party or something. One of the great things about sleeping at night, or not sleeping, is that they aren't waking me up with their acrobats. I've found that they typically sleep when I sleep, maybe lulled to slumber by my resting heart rate. Who knows! It is fun to imagine what they're doing and how they'll be once they're born.

We've settled on their names: Piper and Lilly. Although we're not sure how we want to spell Lilly. Either: Lilly or Lily. We can't decide. And another thing we need to decide is middle names. Yeah, we have no idea on that one. :)

The countdown continues... 2 weeks from today! Wow, it is really happening. I almost can't believe it!


Linds said…
I can't imagine having two doing that to me ALL day long! You're such a trooper! I LOVE their names!
Stacee said…
I love this post. So neat to hear about what it's like to have 2 babies in your belly! I'm so happy for you sweet Becca and I can't wait to meet Piper and Lilly/Lily. So adorable!
Rachel Volk said…
I love the names you've chosen, they're beautiful and will be perfect for your little girls. Good luck with the last few weeks. It all goes by so fast. Blessings!
Molly Piper said…
WOW!!! I am eagerly awaiting the news, dear. And selfishly hoping to get a glimpse into what my life is going to be like (hopefully) in August.

Thanks for your email the other day. Can you even *believe* this??? We're both having twin girls! God is amazing. I'm so deeply thankful.

Praying for your last weeks! AAAHHH!
JG said…
I love reading your blog, Becca! I am counting your weeks 'till arrival like I'm counting my own. I can't wait to read all about Piper and Lil(l)y when they arrive. :) OK, did I miss it? How'd y'all arrive at the names?
Laura said…
2 weeks....wow! Thinking of you so often. Can't wait to see you again soon. Praying for you these last 2 weeks.

Kori said…
How exciting! I have been praying for all of you, and check in often to see how you are doing. Middle names, huh? Might I suggest my daughter's name, Ellerie (or Ellery, if you prefer the "y")? It means joyful, and I think a whole lot of joy is about to land on your lap!
Anonymous said…
Piper Grace and Lilliana Joy. That way you can decide how you want to spell Lil(l)y later :)
Grace - 2 Tim 1:9
Joy - Psalm 5:11

Your blog info was on the Show Hope blog one day and I have been reading it ever since. You inspire me!!
My kids are 17 and 14. Enjoy these precious girls! I know you will!
You are a fantastic writer!
Angela said…
I'm so excited for you Becca!!! Ben and I pray for the four of you every day and we're looking forward to seeing pictures of your tiny new additions :) love and hugs! ~Angela
Mrs. Tara said…
Thank you for sharing your blog in your book. I just returned from True Woman 10 where I purchased your book. I read it today. God used your book to encourage me in ministering to families who walk through this who God has put in my path.

I am praying for you as you continue to prepare for your babies arrival!
Lena said…
I just wanted to wish you good luck and your girls to be healthy and happy! Sorry that I disappeared for a while. I am here, thinking and prying for you and for girls!


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