Reason #4

With just 5 days left, I am ready for reason #4 of why I LOVE being pregnant!

#4 I really do love my maternity clothes! No belts are necessary, just accessorize and look cute! I have some great maternity jeans from target and gap. I am also a huge fan of these great tank tops from Target that I wear under every top, every day.

My clothing options have dwindled in a serious way over the last 2 months. I think I have 3-5 tops that are still kind of long enough and only one pair of jeans that fit comfortably. The others are too tight probably because my hips have done some adjusting. :) I am also loving any sort of exercise pants, but what I don't want is to look like I have given up on life as I stroll through wal mart at a snails pace.

See you tomorrow for reason #5!


I sooo remember having nothing to wear at the end of my 2nd mom asked me if I ever washed the shirt I wore the entire last month! ;) I DID wash it, and just to be cute, I wore it to the hospital for my induction...then retired it promptly, after Brooke was born! Much to the delight of my family!! Ha!!! You're soooo close!!! Yay! Praying for the blessing of the Lord to be showered down upon each one of you!!!
Katy said…
I love that chalkboard! Can't wait to see tomorrow's reason!
Kristin Smith said…
Am enjoying your blog, the reasons you love being pregnant, your honesty etc. Brings a smile to my face. Praying with you for Piper and Lil(l)y.
Anonymous said…
So excited for you and hubby!!

lara said…
Becca! So excited for you my sweet friend! Praying daily! Can't wait to met Lily and Piper! Love you! -Lara Veve
Jessica said…
We need to see pictures! :-)

Continuing to pray.

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