Reason #3

We are now down to 6 days from meeting our girls face to face and I have another great reason for why I love being pregnant.

#3: I am so thankful for such great genes that I can pretty much eat whatever I want when I'm pregnant!

This is especially true with twins on the way. You have to double the amount of calories, calcium, protein, iron, and other essentials to your diet. A great book on twin pregnancies even said to have premium ice cream or milk shakes in order to get the amount of calcium needed in the pregnancy. Because of that, I've been one of Chick-fil-A's biggest customers!!


Sara said…
Praying for those 2 precious girls... Praying for your mommy heart as you anticipate with great joy their birth yet miss Molly and Micah. Praying for strength, joy and great peace over the next week.
Linds said…
that's so funny you say that! when I was pregnant with Brayden they recommended I eat milkshakes to get more calcium and weight on me and I thought they were crazy! Enjoy those milkshakes while you can!
Laura said…
Praying for you this afternoon...praying for peace and rest for you. Soooo many different emotions.

I am so proud of you!
Katy said…
Hey dear! I am so excited for you, and will continue praying for you!! Love you (and Jake) and can't wait to meet the girls!

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