35 weeks down... less than 3 to go!

After another fitful and frustrating night of sleep last night, I got up and hurriedly dressed for my morning appointments.

At 10 I went to the labor and delivery unit of our hospital and my nurse, Donna, helped set me up for my non-stress test for the week. Lilly, our baby B, must have been awake and happy because her heart was going up and down just like they wanted to see. After a yummy juice cocktail from Donna, Piper, baby A, perked up and followed suit. After being hooked up for over an hour, they let me go.

I made my next appointment the same as today, 10 am. Wednesday the 24th. After the NST, I went and saw Dr. A around 11:45 and all he did was measure my belly and ask if I had any questions. I had none so he said he would see me next week. :)

My belly is measuring 45 weeks, which is just wild to think about! I am still gaining weight, which means the girls are getting what they need. I am so thankful for that.

For now we keep on waiting till labor starts on its own or until the morning of April 5th. Jacob has a few bets going for when I'll have the girls. The wager: Chick-fil-A milkshakes. :)

Thanks for the prayers! I'll update again next week or if labor starts before then!! :)


LWB said…
Getting so excited for you, Becca!!! Keep us posted. xoxo
Did you see that Molly Piper is having twin girls!!!! I'm so very excited for both of you!!!!
jessica said…
Thinking about you! So excited!
Anonymous said…
Dear Rebecca,

thank you for sharing your story.

my parents (and my husband and I) are on staff with CCC. I was looking at Family Life's website and I ordered your book about Molly for a dear friend of mine who is just going thru the same thing.

Praying for the delivery of your twins!

Christy Tiede
Josh McDowell Ministry
Tallinn, Estonia
Rachelle H said…
so so excited--you'll have to post a picture of your profile soon!

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