Scratch that

April 5th is the new date for the c-section. I guess they can only schedule so many c-sections at the hospital so we are on for Monday the 5th at noon. Jake wanted the 1st if the 7th wouldn't work, but they said that was too soon to induce me. But I guess he can still pray for April Fools babies! :)

We now have a line in the sand for the girls' arrival. Now we wait, some more. :)


Linds said…
hahahaha, Jake is so funny! Yay for babies!
Pam said…
Still following along faithfully and praying for all of you.

I have friends who got married on April Fools day because the husband didn't want to take the chance of ever forgetting their anniversary.

Love the names you've chosen for the girls . . . absolutely beautiful!! Praying for them and a safe, uneventful delivery! Thanks for all your updates, Rebecca. You look lovely at this stage. : )
Adoption Mama said…
Will continue to pray.
Krystal said…
I LOVE their names! Actually, either the 7th or the 5th makes me smile. My grandfather was born on April 7th, and my son was born on April 5th.

I too am praying for safety and health for all of you and asking God to bless you with a long time with these girls.
Laura said…
I am soooo excited for you!
Can't wait to meet the girls.

Sarah said…
{sigh} I was hoping for the 12th, MY birthday. ;) Congrats and can't wait to meet Piper and Lilly!
Kristi said…
We have never met, but Seth and Lori are dear friends of mine. I just wanted to let you know you have been such an inspiration to me. Lori has kept me updated with prayer requests for you and Jacob as you have been on this journey of parenthood. My husband and I struggled with infertility and I would read your blog and just sob thinking, "If they can stay so strong through all of that, the Lord can provide us strength through this." I was so happy to hear from Lori that you were expecting twins! What a blessing! We we will continue to pray for you and the girls as your due date approaches. We actually just found out two days ago that WE are expecting twin girls! Best wishes and lots of prayers. Thanks for providing strength and inspiration to people you don't even know! :)
God bless,
Kristi Powell
Jeanette said…
Was thinking about you today and popped on here to find you are just thirty-four days away! And you and Jake have picked names, charming names, Lily and Piper. Sending you good wishes; keeping you in prayer.
Katie said…
Rebecca ~

I love checking in on you and seeing how you are doing. I am so excited and blessed to hear about your little girls.

Piper and Lilly have a wonderful big sister and brother in Molly and Micah!
Matt & Renee said…
Rebecca, hi, my name is Renee Steel and I have just been reading your blog. I love it! Our blog is at if you are interested. We have two and a half year old twin boys.

I learned about your daughter Molly today when I read your Dad's legacy partner's letter about gratitude. I am new to Family Life and just wanted to thank you for sharing your story and all the lessons you've learned about God through the experience.

What a merciful God we serve. My prayers will be with you over the next few weeks as you welcome Piper and Lilly.

From one twin mom to another, let me just say what an amazing ride you are about to embark upon! Blessings!

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