A Place for Micah

Today, the 19th of May, we will be making the same trip to the cemetery that we did just less than a year ago to bury Molly. But this time we are burying our son, Micah Wiliam. This time we are taking blue and white balloons instead of pink.

I went to visit Molly's doorway on Sunday and when I got there I saw that there was already a place being prepared for Micah. At the foot of Molly's plot was an orange cone set off by several different colored flags. There's a chunk of grass lying a yard away ready to be put back in place after he's in the ground.

I am somewhat in shock that we are now going to have two babies buried next to each other. TWO. Not just one who we'd take our kids to visit one day, no, there are two now. Two babies to visit. Oh Lord, spare us from one day visiting more than two children in a cemetery. May it not be so.


Anonymous said…
Rebecca & Jake:

I am praying this "cup" be taken away from you - that you need not through this valley another time!!

You're in our prayers today!!!

In His Name -

Donna & Gary
Christy said…
praying for you today sweetie!!!!
Shawna said…
I am so sorry sweet girl! I echo your prayers that you would be spared more heartache...I cannot begin to imagine! I love you so much and pray for you often.

Anonymous said…
My heart aches for you, who I don't really know, but feel I'm close too!!

You're in my prayers!

~T Rupp~
I wish I understood God. I wish I understood why these things happen - why we lose our children whom we love so, so deeply...forever...as treasures in our hearts and minds. But I don't understand why God allows parents to go through this. Time and time again I have to go back to what I do know and what I do understand about God. That He is good and loves us deeply as His children. His very own kids. That He feels our pain, our loss, our hearts breaking. That He promises to restore us to wholeness. That He will never ever leave us alone. And that He has a place prepared for us to once again be with our precious children. A very real place where we will hug and hold them. Why don't we get to have them here on earth? I have absolutely no idea. I cannot even fathom any good reason. But I know He can help us hold on until we're all together again. And I know Eternity is a really, really long time. With love from your fellow strugglers, limping through life, holding onto the hand of our good God, Mollie and Francis Connell
Laura said…
I am so sorry....sorry your heart is breaking again. Praying for rest for your weary body and soul right now.

coralmarine said…
I have been thru similar experience of what you are going thru for Micah. Now I'm a proud mother of two. You will one day enjoy the companion of your children on earth too. As for our children in heaven,they will always have a place in our hearts.
Angie & Scott said…
The Lord brought you to mind as we were in the car this morning and we prayed for you.
Pam said…
Praying for you again today, Rebecca and Jake. May God's comfort be yours today and may He hold you in His strong embrace.

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