We are finally home, where we can rest without interruption and grieve as we need to. We were discharged from the hospital this morning and left around 10:30. My nurse told me that it would be hard to leave without our baby and I told her that while I agreed with her, I hadn't ever experienced leaving the hospital with a baby. I do not know the joy of holding a baby in my arms as I am wheeled out to the car. I only know the grief and sadness of leaving empty handed and with broken hearts.

We both slept when we got home, which was much needed and very good for our bodies. We are glad to be home and I am looking forward to resting up and getting healthy again. I really don't like being this helpless and needing to rely on so many people for so many things.

My whole body is incredibly sore, like I ran a marathon or went on a really long horseback ride. My throat hurts from the tube being down it during surgery and I just hurt.

Thank you so much for praying for us. We are so grateful and wish we could tell each of you personally.


Christy said…
Oh my sweet Rebecca. I'm so sorry you're in pain. I wish I were there to take care of you sweetie! I love you so much.
cindy lou-who said…
becca- i am so glad you are home now. i am overwhelmed reading what you've been through this week. you do an incredible job articulating your experience. thank God this world is not our home and death has been conquered. i can't WAIT to meet Micah and Molly. love you very much and am praying for you and jake.
Elaine said…
You all continue to be in my prayers.
Pam said…

So glad you're home and can have time to rest and recover without the interruptions of nurses and temperature checks.

Praying that the Lord tends to you as only He can and showers down His presence and comfort in a way He alone knows you can receive it now.

Continuing to pray diligently for you, for Jake, and for the rest of your precious family.
Bethany said…
praying for you, rebecca.
deep sorrow.

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