Little Hats

Little gifts of sweetness sit in the palm of my hand, waiting to grace the body of our tiny infant child. They are little hats, made for little people. They are so small I have a hard time believing that our baby will wear one of them.

Another gift, two soft white blankets wait to envelope our baby with warmth and care. They are knit together with love by two sisters. They are beautifully done and the perfect size for our baby.

We continue to wait. Nothing major has happened. I saw my doctor this morning and have been given the first round of medicine to help my body get moving. I am praying for things to happen quickly and soon. I am praying that we will be able to hold and name our baby. I am grateful that this child will be laid to rest next to Molly, where we can visit them both. I am thankful for my loving husband, who holds me while I cry, tenderly rubbing my back or smoothing my hair. All the while, speaking words of love and praying over us during this time.

We will continue to let you know via this blog how things are going as they progress. More than likely nothing new will happen until tomorrow or possibly even later. There's just no way of knowing how soon things will move forward. So as you wait to hear the news that our baby has been born, please continue to lift us up in prayer as we also wait.

Thank you all.


Emily B said…
Praying. Checking frequently for updates, and praying.
Shawna said…
Laid awake last night thinking and praying for you both. My heart aches with you!
Linds said…
How precious. We are praying.
Laura said…
Praying....sweet peace for all of you.
LWB said…
Sweet Becca, we love you and are thinking of you constantly. xoxo
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Milton said…
Becca, I didn't know. I just was catching up on my blog-reading and came here this morning.

Jesus, be near Jacob and Becca. I ask that you would continue to heal their hearts, to be the God of details in this process and allow peace and comfort, only from You, that can touch the deepest depths of their souls like only You can. You have my word that I will be praying for you and I will not forget you Becca.

I'm so sorry.

Tears for you,
Cindy said…
How sweet and thoughtful of your sisters. You are being so brave, Rebecca. Continuing to pray often ~ Cindy M.
Pam said…
Praying for all of you. What a precious gift from your sisters. May the peace that passes all understanding be yours today.
Sarah said…
I am praying for you guy's. We serve a Big God.

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