Trick or Treat!!

I realize it's now been almost a week since we all went door to door with our kids decked out in costumes and consumed way too much sugar in one sitting, but I just had to share some pics of the girls.

This year they went as cupcakes!! And yes, they are as yummy as they look!!

Posing for pics in front of our house. With Tank and Lambchop in the ranks.

I went as the Baker, with my apron as my costume. I forgot to grab Jacob's apron before we left, which I'm sure he was grateful for. :) Oh and the girls are holding mini fake pumpkins.

LOVING the candy choices! A sucker in Piper's mouth, another in her right hand, and a candy bar in her left! Options, people! It's all about options! Lily also loves having several choices. :) All they ate that night were those little mini tootsie pop suckers and some m&m's.


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