Day 6 of Gratitude

6. Today I want to tell you a little bit about Hillary. The one who got this whole thing started in my head by giving me the idea! So first off, thanks to Hillary for the great idea! I am loving it a bunch!

Hillary is a delight. She is honorable and authentic, warm and caring, heartfelt and lovely. She is just wonderful.

You see, I not only get to be her mentor but I also get the privilege of having her pour love, attention, and time into our little girls. She has such a great heart for them. So loving, so sweet, and at times more consistent in making sure they do their sign language than I am! She lives in our basement and we get to have in our lives every day which is just plain fun!

Hillary has graced our lives with far more than just babysitting. She has brought so much more to our world through her wonderful desire and ability to dream up great ways of celebrating life. One great story of how she celebrates so well is when summer had ended. She told us both that we had to celebrate the end of summer and then the beginning of fall! SO, that very night, the last night of summer, the three of us went outside, made s'mores in our fire pit, and talked about our favorite memories of the summer! We even brought out a speaker and played summer inspired tunes like The Beach Boys! It was so much fun and such a great memory maker!

The following morning, she and I baked up some apple cinnamon scones and drank hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick! Then we had a wreath hanging ceremony where we hung up our Fall wreath on the front door! So great! It was so much fun and so simple to do! I absolutely loved it!

Here she is! The woman of the day! Hillary made me a birthday cake complete with 31 blazing candles!! AND, she cleaned out my car on top of keeping the girls for the afternoon and evening while my mom and I celebrated my birthday with shopping! She's amazing!

Today, I am supremely grateful for ALL the things you do for us, Hillary! Thank you so much for being such a beautiful light in our lives and for caring for us so well and so much! We love you tons!


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