Day 5 of being grateful

5. This glorious day just so happens to be the twins 19 month birthday! And SO... I am choosing them as what I am thankful for on this day! Of course, I am thankful for them every day of their lives!!

Piper: She is such a peanut and spunky little thing! Her hair is straight as a stick and long enough for the cutest pig tails! The other day I dressed her in a little animal print dress and put her hair in pig tails and Jacob exclaimed that she looked like the little girl from Flintstones! Pebbles!

Piper is both a snuggle bug and wiggle worm!! She loves to snuggle and then loves to sit up and move on to something else. Her smile is beautiful and I love to tickle her just so I can stare at it! Her eyes are still as blue as ever and she is constantly looking around and on the go.

She loves her sweet pea blanket when she sleeps or rides in the car and is obsessed with books! When I'm driving somewhere I'll glance in the rear-view mirror and see her holding a book on her lap like she's reading the paper! It's so great to see! I absolutely love it!

One of the things I have been doing with her lately when I put them down at night is stick my face up next to the rails of her crib and ask for a kiss. She always giggles like she's about to be tickled and then eventually comes over and pushes her face up next to mine and I kiss her all over!! Then I reach in and tickle her like crazy!

Lily: Oh my sweet Lily Boo!! What a precious little girl who has the cutest waddle when she walks around the house! It is hysterical! She has stolen our hearts with her warm smile and soft cheeks! She also loves to cuddle, especially when she has just woken up from her nap. It's the best!!

Lily is obsessed with blankets! She loves anything soft and that is capable of being wrapped behind her back and over her head. She'll even pull my scarf off my neck and pull it behind her so that she can snuggle with me. It's really so sweet. One of the reasons she likes blankets is because her dad will take her on a ride in one of the blankets from our living room. It's one of those thick red ones that she'll pull off the couch and drag over to her Daddy, all the while saying "Ooooh Oooooh Ooooh Ooooh!"

She has the warmest and rosiest cheeks ever! And those in addition to her little rosebud mouth makes her the most beautiful Lily ever! While her sister has straight hair, Lily has curls! I'm told they come from my mom's mother. I can also put her hair in pig tails and since she has some curl, her tails curl up in every direction! It's really fun how different she is from Piper!

When we are riding in the car, Lily also likes to read and she sometimes likes to steal things from Piper. One time, I looked back and they were both touching feet across their seats! It was really enjoyable to watch and listen to since they were both giggling incessantly. Speaking of feet, if it were up to Lily, she would never wear shoes or socks longer than 5 seconds. She loves to put them on and then take them off! The great thing about tights are that they can't be pulled off like socks! Haha! Another thing she loves to do is cross her ankles when she's in her carseat or high chair.

And when it's bedtime, I have a little tradition with Lily as well. She lays down on her back and puts her feet up in the air and then I pull her blanket up in the air and lay it over her so that she can kick it off! Or, I'll stick my fingers through the holes and tickle her neck which makes her giggle with delight.

I love my twin girls!! They fill my heart with joy and happiness! And I am just so blessed and so thankful for them today and every day!


They are beautiful girls! I'm so glad that you've started blogging again. There's rarely a day that goes by when I don't think of your family.

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