Focusing on Gratitude

I was at coffee a few days ago with an exceptional young woman who I am mentoring. Her name is Hillary and we were talking about gratitude as we drove home. She gave me a fabulous idea.

Write one thing I am thankful for each day for the month of November. Hmmm.. I think I can do that! Well, truthfully I know that I can do that it's just making sure I don't forget to share those things here!

So I know I am a few days behind so I'll do three things to kick things off with a bang!

Gratitude ensues!

1. I am most eternally grateful for Jesus! How He saved my soul from eternal separation from Him and how He loves me unconditionally at all times! I am so grateful!!

2. I am definitely grateful for the one man in my life who knows me better than anyone else and continues to commit himself to me every day of his life! Thank you, Jacob, for being faithful and true, for loving me so incredibly well, and for making my life so much fun!

And one for today...
3. SNOW! I love the snow! I am enjoying these big snowfalls we've had recently. They make everything so pretty and sparkly! I just love it and am so glad that we get to experience it!


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