Sudsy First Day

My feet are up and haven't been this tired since I worked at Chick-fil-A back in high school. I guess I've been pretty spoiled to not work until now. The first day was great with lots of hard work doing loads of dishes, making buttercream icing, and decorating key lime pies.

I arrived about 10 minutes before 7 in hopes of starting off right by being early. I was given some paperwork, handed over my ID's to be copied, given a cubby for my personal items to be stored, and an apron. I tied my apron on and they put me straight to work. But before I could get my hands wet with dishes one of the bakers informed me that a friend of mine had stopped by with a little gift for me. Standing up on one of the cake stands was a calendar with all sorts of different cupcakes for each month. Linda, my boss, told me I should find out who came by so I went next door to the coffee shop to find Andressa, a great friend of mine. She had come by to wish me good luck on my first day, order a sticky bun, and have coffee while she did some work on her laptop. So sweet! I was so excited to have someone visit me already on my first day.

I went back to the bakery and they put me to work on some dishes. When one does dishes, you wear blue rubber gloves that go past your elbows and you listen to solid 80's music the whole time. While I'm washing, I get to take a peek over my should at the bakers who do their cake decorating and play with all sorts of icings, filings, and cakes. What a great place to wash dishes!

I take a break around 8:30 and start to make butter cream icing. This is a pretty easy task, although I'll be making almost 90 pounds of it by the time I'm done. I use an industrial size food processor and it does the hard work for me. Next, I do more dishes. The water is scalding hot and my arms are sweaty and wet after 30 minutes. The 80's are still ringing in my ears and the two bakers there play "guess the artist" and I just laugh at them. I laughed a lot.

After a short lunch break at 12, I continue making butter cream icing. I finish and then take on some more dishes. Oh and by the way, I have been ordered by the owners to try everything they sell so that I know how it's supposed to taste and so I can tell the customers what it tastes like too. I get started with my tasting by trying a chocolate macaroon, white cake, a peppermint brownie, and white chocolate whipped cream. All I have to say is: Delish! I better get a gym membership soon or else I'll start putting on the pounds faster than I can say chocolate butter cream.

I finish work around 2:45 and am happy to go home. I just hope I don't crash and take a nap or else I won't sleep well tonite. One thing is for sure: This girl needs a shower!


Linds said…
what a fun job... I would have been sick after 2 bites of stuff though--- that's too much sweet stuff for me! Hope you continue to enjoy your new venture!
Samuel said…
So how are you going to get me some of those baked goodies?
Christy said…
Sounds like you had a great day! I'm so glad!

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