Happy 3 months Molly Ann!!

3 months must seem like 3 minutes but to us it has seemed like eternity. We just want you to know that although we miss you dearly, we also find it in our hearts to celebrate your being with Jesus. We dream about what it would be like to be there with you and with our King. Do you have parties every month like we imagine? Do you get cupcakes and party hats? Do you get the balloons we send you?

I sit in your room and gaze upon your precious face and all the features that make you so unique and so Molly! I still smile when I think about how long your feet are. I bet they help you run fast through the soft green grass with the light of Christ shining on your beautiful face. And your long gorgeous fingers help you pick the beautiful flowers and feel their soft and silky petals. Your perfect eyes take in the beauty that surrounds you, beauty that we can only fathom and dream about seeing someday soon. Your lungs don't fight for oxygen anymore and neither does your heart race to keep up with the demands of your little, broken body. You are perfect, beautiful, angelic. And your voice sings for Jesus and praises His name all day long. Oh Molly, we are so proud of you, our little girl. You have brought such joy to your daddy and me, more than we thought possible.

We send you sweet hugs and kisses daily. We look forward with eager anticipation to the day we meet up with you in the Heavenly realm! Until the day...



Wendi Cupp said…
Beautiful thoughts, Becca...I can't wait to meet her too. Big hugs to you. love you.

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