Still waiting

Well, the due date has come and gone and no baby. We are a little disappointed, to say the least. It's been interesting how we had nothing planned after the 5th. It's like we have no life and the only thing we look forward to is this baby coming. I'm trying to enjoy the days we have left, not knowing how many we have, but it's still hard to wait. Especially when people are calling or emailing or asking you in the grocery store "when are you due?". And I know that people are just so excited to find out what we'll have and all that, it just makes it harder to wait when everyone else is on the edge of their seats and they aren't the ones pregnant! :)

I do know this, we will have a baby on or sometime shortly after the 17th of June. That's when my date to be induced is. We are scheduled for 12:00 p.m. on that day to go in and be induced. I really hope that we don't make it till then. Truly, I want to go into labor on my own without having to do the drugs bit and all that. But I guess we'll just have to see. That's a week from Tuesday and we could still be pregnant by the 17th. But at least we have an end in sight.

The nursery is ready and I tried to post pictures with my last post but they would not post. I have a hard time with pictures on this thing but I promise to work harder once we have a baby to show off. Maybe I can post some tonite. If not then just be patient or email me and I can send pictures that way.

Well.. until we have news to share, this is my last blog before I become a mommy!!


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