Today was good...

What did we do today? Well, we slept in till 10 which was so nice. I think our bodies are finally catching up on the sleep we missed out on during Molly's week. We went to our favorite bagel shop up the road, Big Daddy Bagels, and got some breakfast/lunch. Then instead of going back home we drove to a nearby park and hung out under a giant tree for over an hour. We just sat there and talked together. We watched little kids playing on the playground and families coming and going with lunch or fishing poles. It was a beautiful day to be outside! We left and came home only to sit in the basement and watch an old episode of CSI and then Jake played Zelda on the Super Nintendo. I still can't figure out why he likes to play it so many times when he's beat the game already. It seems pointless to me. :)

I talked to my mom for awhile about the summer and possibly cooking for our family get together in August. And we talked about having some neat thank you cards made with Molly's picture on it as a reminder to pray for us and as a neat way to show off our daughter. It was fun to talk to her and Jake even got on another extension so he could be in on what we were talking about. We blew up a purple balloon and wrote to our little girl on it before releasing it to the beautiful blue sky. Then we went to Baskin Robbins and had an ice cream date. We talked about random things and ate our ice cream while we sat on the curb and enjoyed the sunshine. We went to the grocery store together and bought a few random things and then we went back home again. Then around 8 we went to Eric and Lara Veve's house and I sat in the kitchen with Lara while Jake played with the kids. We just got home from their house and it's midnight.

Tomorrow I'm going to the cemetery to pick out Molly's gravestone marker. I am honestly looking forward to it. It'll be a neat marker and I am excited to have it done so that all who visit her grave know who she is and the God we serve and love. And going to pick out her marker will also give me a chance to visit her grave and say hi. And then tomorrow night we're going to a Rockies Baseball game with a couple we met through our small group at church.

I'm ready to go to bed. This staying up late thing is for the birds. My new assignment is to get Jake in bed sooner because last night he was up till 3:30 and then a few nights ago he was up till past 5 a.m.


Christy said…
You should SO cook for Fam at the Ranch! How fun that will be! I can't wait to hear all about it. I love reading your thoughts. They are beautiful. I LOVE YOU!
Julie said…
thankful you can spend so much time with Jake. Still praying for y'all.
Carly Grace said…
Bec, It is so sweet to read your thoughts. Thinking of and praying for you,

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