Miss Molly Ann

"All my days were written in your book and planned before a single one of them began." Psalm 139:16b

Jacob read to me from his devotions this morning from Psalm 139 which I have always loved. This chapter has taken on new meaning for me since Molly entered into our lives. It goes without saying that God knew all 7 of Molly's days before even one of them came to be. He knew that she would light up this world in such a significant way and in such a short amount of time.

Oh Molly, even though I have complete assurance that you are with Jesus I sometimes find myself asking the question, "Where did you go?" In that question I think I ask it because you were only here for such a short amount of time. It went by so fast and I find myself thinking about my favorite moments with you: stroking your silky hair, kissing your soft sweet cheeks, looking into your dark eyes, talking to you while you sleep, and holding your little hand in mine. I love to look at the picture in your nursery of me and you. Your sweet little body snuggled up close to mine while your head lay against my chest. You were lulled to sleep by the familiar beating of my heart, something you knew for so long. I so wish you were back in my tummy sweet girl!! I loved being pregnant with you! It was such a delightful experience and I will cherish it always.

Your daddy bought a small helium tank so that we could send you a balloon each day. Last night we sent you one for your 2 week birthday, it was pink and we wrote you a note on it before letting it drift high into the night sky. This morning we stopped by an open space in front of the Flatirons and sent you three balloons: pink, yellow, and purple. I wrote you a note on the pink one, daddy wrote to you on the purple one, and then I wrote all your nicknames on the yellow one. We kissed each balloon and told you we loved you. They were all tied together and we watched them soar high into the sky and into the clouds. We watched them for awhile and then we went to our favorite donut shop and had yummy donuts and listened to two old men talk loudly about who knows what. (we could only catch a line or two and it didn't really make sense to us what they were talking about, but we laughed anyway) :)

We love our little Molly girl. What a delight, treasure, and joy! We are so thankful for the 7 days we had with you and know that we are only separated by our time left on earth. We can't wait to see you again! Oh may it come soon!


Christy said…
my sweet girl you such a great writer! Your words are beautiful and your love for Molly is so beautiful to see. I love you so much!
carly smith said…
amen and amen.
what a great idea, to send her balloons. your love for your little one is so special, thanks for letting us see it!
love and prayers
Kristin Smith said…
She is so beautiful. I imagine she is pretty excited about Piper and Lily. She has two pretty little sisters. Nice to think of you and Jake using the nursery, being busy with all the normalness of new babies. I keep coming to see if you have posted photos. No photos mean that you are busy getting to know two sweet little girls and trying to get some sleep. Bless you and Jake and Lily and Piper.

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