A lot happened on October 28th

Just a week ago I had a lot to celebrate and look forward to! So many great things happened in one day that I have to say I feel supremely blessed and loved by my God and by so many family and friends.

On October 28th, I celebrated my birthday! I turned 29 this birthday which just doesn't seem possible. I do not feel like I am 29 now, not at all. Nor do I feel like I should be starting a new decade in a year. In spite of being so close to 30, it was a wonderful birthday filled with phone calls, little gifts, and even a yummy peanut butter and chocolate cake at our small group that night, which just happens to be my favorite flavor combination! Don't even think of asking me to share Haagen Daaz' Peanut Butter and Chocolate ice cream with you! OR, telling me how fattening it is. I don't care, I just want to eat some and enjoy it!

I did have one big surprise on my birthday. One that has never happened before in all my 29 years. I even asked my mom and she confirmed this to be true.

We had over a foot of snow fall on my birthday, not to mention the additional foot and a half that fell over the next 48 hours. Beautiful, sparkling snow all pure and white. I do believe we get snow just about anytime of the year in Colorado. And I love it, especially when it warms up to mid 60's two days later. :)

One of the best parts of my birthday happened around noon, earlier than I expected it to. We had another ultrasound of our babies. Our doctor's office was closing early due to the snow and asked if we could come in early. "No problem. See my babies sooner than later? Sure thing!"

My doctor must have been photo happy because we came home with 19 ultrasound pictures all folded up to share. Baby B was the star of the show, being quite photogenic and not shy. Baby A must have been hiding or "purposely hidden" by Baby B and thus we were not able to see A as much as B. It was a great ultrasound, both babies' hearts were pounding away and they were also moving around and even waving to us. Dr. Austin kept saying, "Look how cute they are!" And he's definitely not an emotional kind of doctor, just straight forward and factual. It must have been my birthday that caused him to give us extra time to gaze upon our babies and take extra pictures. I am incredibly thankful for the amazing doctor and staff at the office, so wonderful and so gracious to us as we've all held our breath and waited.

So... without further news and fluff, here are some of the best shots of the twins. Enjoy and give a big "yea" along with me for the scanner working and letting me scan all 19 of the pics. I promise I am not sharing all 19 here, that would take forever.

Here's Baby B all stretched out from head to toe!
Both babies together, looking a bit smooshed if you ask me.
Another one of the twins together, this time from a birds' eye view of their heads. Way cool!
This is Baby B showing off his/her profile! You can see the bridge of the nose, two lips, and a chin. You can also see Baby A off to the right possibly annoyed with B hogging the spotlight!
And this is one of the best shots of baby A. A is closest to my cervix and so harder to see, being tucked in under B.

I was not able to put all of the pictures that I wanted to on this post so I will get the rest in another blog post. Not the rest of the 19, just 2 more that are great to see.

Also, after the ultrasound Jacob took me to Panera for lunch which we both really enjoyed. His birthday gift to me was an assortment of choices around Denver or Boulder of fun places to see or eat at. Can't wait to plan a day full of fun together!


Anonymous said…
WOW! They are so big and beautiful, I'm so glad that you got to see them on your birthday, how cool!
Thanks for sharing, no such thing as too many photos of blessings! :)allison
Good gosh I'm so excited to see you and meet those babies! LOVE YOU
Lena said…
this is so great!
Linds said…
AWESOME! Baby B has his/her booty all up in Baby A's face. I think that when they are here Baby A will be getting payback (atleast I would!). So excited for yall... thanks for sharing!
Emily said…
Beautiful pictures, Rebecca! Absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to find out gender!!!
Yours Truly said…
I love seeing both of them in one shot. What a miracle Becca. I cannot wait to meet these sweet babies!

~ Katie

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