New Recipe

I have just added another recipe link to my list of faves on my blog. It's a super great recipe for summer time! It's Pasta, Pesto, and Peas. And you actually serve it at room temp or even cold and it's delish! I just made it recently for us and added cut up cooked chicken which was a tasty addition! It's also a great idea if you're making dinner for someone. They won't have to reheat it when you take it over! Just eat it straight from the fridge!

I usually make my own pesto, but you can easily buy a jar of it at the store to cut out part of the work. It's super yummy!!



Linds said…
can you post your pesto recipe too? I actually found a recipe for pesto pasta the other day but wanted to make my own. Hope you're doing good!
Shawna said…
Love the recipes! I love Barefoot fun! :) Hope you're having a great week!!

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