Cupcakes and Wine?

Some would say, "yuck", but I say, "yum!" I stumbled upon a little delicacy at a nearby wine shop. I've heard of flavors like spice, berries, oak, and coffee. But never before have I heard of a wine described close to a dark chocolate cupcake with vanilla berry coulis. :) I have found a fun wine! It's so nicely balanced and light, with a hint of cupcake on the finish. And, one of the best parts about this wine is the price tag: only $12.

I am immediately a fan of Cupcake Vineyards, located in central California. Their motto on the back of the bottle has become a favorite of mine:

Cupcake: Live Deliciously

I definitely live to eat and only things that are delicious! Let's not waste time or calories on things that are not so tasty! Agreed?

I am savoring a glass of this tasty Cupcake wine as I make a yummy tomato soup from a famous restaurant in Boulder, The Kitchen. I shared a few spoonfuls of this smooth and warm tomato soup with my sweet mom for lunch last week. We had a yummy lunch with fresh bread and good conversation!

I'll post the recipe soon! It's a must for all to try! Oh and if you're interested in this vineyard, click here to visit their super fun website!


Laura Victoria: said…
I LOVE CUPCAKE WINE. Sure with I was in CO with you to have some!! :)
Virginia said…
Um, YUMMMMMMMM. I'm going to have to track this down. Thanks for posting!
Linds said…
maybe the wine by itself, but with tomato soup is... I don't know if I could down that combo :)
The Spears said…
I just found your blog tonight, although I have mentioned your name in heart crys to the Lord many times before. I am a "blog friend" with Kerry Hasenbalg. She mentioned your name in her blog and the journey you have been on since that year. My husband and I have been that same journey. Your blog is inspirational and encouraging. It is awesome to be able to see that their are other brother and sisters in Christ that have been on the same journey and been able to respond similar to the way we felt like the Lord asked us to respond. We gave birth to a little boy Carter August 9, 2008 (he was born at 22 1/2 weeks) with a grave infection that was in both his body and mine. After and hour 1/2 the Lord took Carter home. Carter was our first born. More than anything I have always wanted to be a mother. I was 34 when I finally got pregnant with Carter. (my husband I both graduated from New Orleans Baptist Seminary and waited to try and have children until we finished.) The Lord blessed us and allowed us to get pregnant again this past January. We were thrilled and of course were praising the Lord! But at 10 weeks, the Lord allowed our second child to go home to Him. After testing to find out if there is a problem, we were told we just had bad "luck." Of course we don't believe in luck and know that God allowed us to go through these losses. It has been a year of grief, loss, and sorrow, but through it all, Brent I have said again and again... They grace is sufficent. My best friend asked me recently if I would go through it all again. I had to say YES!! I know all things work together for good. I have seen so much good from Carter's short like. We pray the Lord allows us to be pregnant again one day. We pray that one day He will allow us to hold a child in our home. I wanted you to know since Kerry mentioned our names together on her blog, I have had you in my heart and have asked the Lord to bless you as well with children here on earth!

Jenna Spears
Anonymous said…

Thank you so much for communicating with my daughter in law Rebecca Fleming. She is being induced August 18th. Charity is 34 weeks at this point. We will be with them on Wed. Thank you for your prayers - support and ministry. Ben Fleming Sr.

I love your blog! I have read your book and passed it on to a good friend who is struggling with some of the same things you have dealt with. It was amazing, and I am so touched by your story, your family, your incredible faith, and have been praying for you since I learned about sweet Molly, then sweet Micah.

May the Lord richly bless you and may you be held in the palm of His loving hand. Thank you for sharing, sweet girl. And, for the record, the "cupcake wine" sounds divine...I might just have to check it out! ;)



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