Molly's Book, Broadcast, and Birthday

I am so excited!! I cannot fully express the joy of finally releasing Molly's book to so many! It's available! I can't stand to wait any longer to share with everyone the story of Molly Ann Mutz. I know that many already know her story but the book shares so much more. It's incredibly heartfelt and shares the depth of our love for her and the struggle of our grief over letting her go be with Jesus.

Click HERE to order your copy of A Symphony in the Dark by Barbara Rainey and yours truly. I can't wait to hear what you think of it!! Please write me after you've had a chance to read it.

A note for friends and family in Colorado: We are throwing a book release party on Father's Day, June 21st where you can buy a copy of the book signed by both authors. We will be selling the book for the same price as online but you won't have to pay shipping and handling costs. The party will be like an open house where you can drop in anytime. Be on the lookout for an evite in your email inbox for more details.

Molly's story will also be shared on the Family Life Today broadcast for the week of June 15-19. Click HERE to find a station near you and for times to listen to the broadcast. OR, click HERE to listen online. Her broadcast isn't online yet, but will be starting that week.

On another note, I can hardly believe it's almost been a year. I am struggling with her impending birthday and home-going celebrations. I want so much to honor her life and celebrate our daughter, but I am not sure how we will do that. We will make her a birthday cake and sing her Happy Birthday, sending balloons with love notes from Mommy and Daddy, and spending some time at her doorway. I want to buy her something. A cute dress, or a fun clip to put in her hair. I want to do something for her like I would if she were here, except I feel that buying her something that will only sit on a shelf in her room is silly and pointless.

So much to think about when approaching such an important day and week of celebrating Molly's life. Pray for us as we walk through these anniversaries and remember the sweet and sad memories of that week. We are extremely grateful for Molly, her life and impact on ours and the gift of having her with us for seven days. What a joy, what an honor. We love you, Molly Ann.


Donna Jarvis said…
Dear Rebecca & Jake:

We hearts are soooo full for you! We are sending our love to you! Big Congrats on the release of your book - We know how much that means to you! We are praying for you as you journey through this momentous anniversary & birthday! Your emotions must be all over the place. We know you are holding on to Jesus as He walks with you. We can't wait for the book celebration & to celebrate the life of you beautiful little girl! You are such an amazing example for all of us!

So Much Love We Send to You!!!
In His Comforting Name,

Donna & Gary
Stacee said…
I just ordered your book! I'm so proud of you for walking through this hard time with your eyes on Jesus. And I'm so thankful to God. He is going to use your story to bless and comfort SO many people. Love you Becca dearest! You are always on my heart!
Wendi Cupp said…
Congrats on the book, Becca! I really look forward to reading are such gifted writer and I love hearing you talk about Molly, so it will be so great to celebrate her life while reading it. I'm proud of you!
Jessica said…
How exciting! I can't wait to read the entire story of Molly! I continue to pray for you and Jake. Thinking of you during preparations for Molly's first birthday!

Much love,
Elaine said…
Do it.... buy her something! Who cares if it sits on a shelf; go for it! I'm excited that the book is released! Can't wait to buy a copy! You guys are in my prayers.
Emily said…
Your dad spoke in the staff meeting at FamilyLife yesterday morning. He told us all about the broadcast, and how much time and energy have gone into it. His emotion and enthusiasm are contagious. I am so excited for the book and the broadcast, so anxious to see the ripple effect I know it will have. How thankful I am that God can use something so painful to bring good, and that Molly's precious life will touch so many. I have preordered 5 copies of the book, which I plan to give away. We're featuring the book in our prayer letter this month, and I anticipate a huge response from our supporters. Some of them have lost children, and I will be giving them your book. Thanks, Rebecca, for being transparent. For pushing through your pain in order to make a difference for others. I'm praying for you this month. I hope the book release party is fantastic. I'm also praying that Molly's birthday celebration will be exactly as you want it to be, and that it will be a special time of healing for you and Jake.

Much love,
Sarah said…
Getting ready to order it...congrats!!
Katie Peterson said…
Birthday Gift Idea:
You could start a memorial garden. I would be happy to contribute some perennials and/or manual labor. You could also add special rocks or cute signs to decorate the garden.
cindy lou-who said…
Becca- I'm so excited to read your book! I know you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but the cover is amazing! I marked my calendar to listen to the radio broadcast of your story. Looking forward to it. Love you, friend. I am proud of you.
Anonymous said…
I don't think it is silly or pointless to celebrate your daughter's birthday by buying her a gift. That's what mommies do! Go, shop! :)
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