It's Official

This morning, around 10:30, I just received my first copy of Molly's book. I could not contain my excitement as I shared it with both Jake and my sister, Laura, who is in town for Molly's first birthday. We browsed through the pages and oohed and aahed over the pictures of Molly and her sweet hand and footprints scattered throughout.

It's a beautiful book. I am so proud of myself for such a great accomplishment. I've always wanted to write a book but I had no idea what to write about. Writing about Molly was both beautiful and heart-wrenching at the same time. I loved it and cried over it countless times. It is a treasure.

Thank you so much Mom, for helping me write this book, for all the hours you put into it and helping me get on paper the story of my daughter, Molly Ann. I am so grateful. This is such a gift and blessing to my heart!

And also, a huge thank you to the many people at FamilyLife Publishing who also put in many hours, tears, and hard work to make this book happen in four and a half months. What an accomplishment for us all!!


Wendi Cupp said…
So proud of you!! I ordered mine yesterday...can't WAIT to read it. Happy Birthday to Molly in a few days, right?! Big hugs to you lots.
Laura said…
So proud of you....I can't wait to read it and see you!

Much love,
wow! so exciting! i can't wait to get my hands on that book too!
Mary Virginia said…
I ordered my copy last week! I will be checking the mailbox everyday! You have accomplished so much this year and it will been amazing to have to opportunity to read more about your journey. Mighty Molly's mommy sure is mighty, too! Congrats!
Jessica said…
Congratulations!! What an exciting accomplishment!! I'm anxiously awaiting a copy in the mail.

Wishing you a blessed day tomorrow! Happy Birthday, Molly Ann!!!
We recieved our two copies yesterday. One for ourselves and one for our son and daugher in law.
On June 9, 2008 our grandson Caleb died at birth. Needless to say our journey of grief began. On May 19th this year our son and daugher inlaw recieved news that our granddaughter Charity has a severe birth defect that will take her life at birth. Our kids are choosing to carry Charity as long as they can. Your book and also your blog are going to be very helpful to them.

Pastor Ben Fleming
Anonymous said…
I am Tammy, a nurse in VA and I care for families experienceing pregnancy loss and infant death. A coworker of mine bought 3 copies of your book - I had no idea that it was hot off the presses until I read here.

When I give books to people, I try to customize what I give them to thier situations and personalities. Thank you for writing it, Im sure that this book will be a great blessing to many.
I will share with you that my favorite part is the 15 pages of journal "Carrying the pieces forward"...your honest thoughts and reflections will be what really resonate with the couples I work with.
Please accept my condolences at the loss of Micah. Im so sorry.

Thank you again and Godspeed,

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