Hot line! The past four weeks I have spent in the Garde Manger, or as we call it the gar-mo. On friday we took the quiz and then started our practical. We had to make fresh pasta in 15 minutes. We had to butcher two chickens in 30 minutes. Then we had 30 minutes to cut veggies into all sorts of shapes. We all finished on time and we all passed, thank goodness.

Today I start the hot line. Chef Dale is my teacher and I have heard the he is very easy to get along with and reasonable. The hot line is where most of the meal is prepared. The main dish. It will be exciting!


Bill said…
You are so cute to see hard at work making yet another of your fantastic culinary creations! I love the blog. It is great to learn that you cook the really big food on the hot line. That is so true with life, you know.

It is the hot line where we are dished up with life's big issues and the Holy Spirit is able to do His greatest work with the willing ingredients of our life to make us a pleasing delight reflecting the Maker to those dining around us!

I love you! You are the icing on our Son's Cake!
Samuel said…
So what are you cooking for us at FATR? Can't wait for some homemade pasta!
Dennis said…
I'm rethinking the hiring of the chef for the FATR. Seriously, I think we need at least one meal where you cook it up for the Fam.

Also, how about a one hour cooking class for anyone who wants to learn at FATR?

Thrilled that you are enjoying your study and learning a lot. I want you to disciple me when we get together.

I love you,
Mark said…
If you don't mind me asking Becca what is FATR. Love you so Much again.

~Mark Mutz
Ozzie said…
Mark, I think it is Family at the Ranch...that's their family vacation.
Rossa said…
Good for people to know.

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