The Heat of the Kitchen

Today was quite a challenge. Most days have had moments of difficulty but today seemed to be filled with challenges and mishaps. I blame bad math skills on my inability to produce an answer for a formula we are using in our appetizer. Twice I shake my head and receive a slight disapproving look from my chef. Everyone's watching me, the pressure is on, and my grade definitely depends on my ability in all areas of the kitchen. The good news is that this kitchen is the hardest to go through out of the three. Hopefully they are right, and hopefully I can get my math skills together.

I'm learning how to serve properly at a meal as well. Serve the dish in the left hand on the left side of the guest. Pour drinks on the right side of the guest with the label facing the guest so they can gaze upon what beverage we are drinking with our meal. Remove plates on the right with the right hand. I got confused today and served 4 people on the right with the right hand. My chef corrected me on the spot and I felt so stupid as it was in front of several of my fellow classmates. I am glad he corrected me as I would have continued to serve incorrectly the rest of the meal.

Correction stings, no matter what. Taking those corrections and using them as an opportunity to learn is an art that I have not developed quite yet. I believe that I have needed this skill my whole life. It is obvious to some of my classmates just how I am feeling and I wish I wasn't so transparent. I am learning to coach myself through frustrating moments and let some things roll off my back.

Thankfully, I am alive and am grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow in areas I didn't expect.


Mark said…
Wow, sound intence like your in a strickt boot camp. Way to stay together though. I love you so much. See you slightly soon.

~Mark Mutz

P.S. Good idea with the blog thingy.
C said…
I'm so proud of you! I love that you're having so much fun in this class. I love how God is growing you through this class! He is so faithful in our lives. I love you MORE THAN INFINITY. Miss you tons.
Ozzie said…
Oh, Mark's post is so cute!

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