After 2 Weeks

I still love culinary school! It is awesome! I am learning so much every day and I forget at times how much more there is to learn about food. This past week I learned how to butcher a chicken, make veal stock, make sausages, and the different types of tart doughs. Yum. I wish there was more time in a day so that I could work on what I am learning in order to perfect my skills as well as remembering everything in my head too. I've been in the garde manger for 2 weeks and in two weeks I"ll take my practical in that kitchen and then move on to either the hot line or the pastry kitchen.

There are some things that I didn't think I would learn in school. Things like communicating well with others, getting along with people who I might not like to get along with, and learning through my mistakes instead of getting tripped up on them. My life has gotten busier and my house has gotten dirtier and more cluttered. But it's all worth it and I won't be the same after I graduate.


Ozzie said…
Becca, that is awesome! When I worked in the kitchen at JH, I learned some of that stuff too. You really have to learn how to get along with the people around you since you are in such close quarters. I am glad that you are!

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