Counselors for Nashville

In light of the devastation we have all seen in Nashville, I want to share what my brother Samuel is doing for the people of Nashville affected by the recent flood. He has put together counselors around the city who are giving their time to flood victims who want to work through the grief and devastation they are going through.

Please spread the word about this. You can visit his website here:
Anyone who would like to donate their time to those in need of counseling can contact Samuel through the website and anyone in need of counseling can also get in touch that way. I am sure a lot of my readers know someone in Nashville who might want to utilize these counselors.

While there is an obviously huge physical loss for these people, there is also an emotional loss that cannot be ignored. People have lost their homes, belongings, valuables, things that hold memories from their past, all of which carry an emotional tie. This is incredibly devastating on all levels and these counselors are giving their time to help with the emotional part which is greatly needed.

Samuel was just on a radio show this morning to talk about what he's doing for the city and you can listen to that interview here: CounselorsForNashville on 99.7 WTN.mp3

I am so proud of you, Samuel. You've seen a huge need and done something beautiful in response. I pray that many are helped and blessed as a result of this.


Way to go Samuel.

We are Nashville.
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