On this Friday, April 2nd, I am thrilled to continue the countdown with just 3 days to go!! Three days and we will get to meet our precious little girls, Piper and Lily.

#6 of why I love being pregnant!

One of the first things that I do when I find out we're expecting is to go out and buy a journal for the new life forming and growing in my womb. I love to write, as if that's a surprise by anyone reading my blog, and it's really fun to write to our kids before we even meet them face to face. I have a journal for Molly and also one for Micah, which has been good for me in grieving their death as well. I can write to them and tell them all the things that I miss about them. For the twins, I have one journal because I didn't know we were having two until several weeks after I had already started writing in it. So for their birth I am going to start one for each of them. :) And I hope to get their footprints and handprints in them as well.


belle said…
what a treasure of a gift that they will have when they are older:)
Lena said…
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Lena said…
Praying for you, girls and April 5th!

Linds said…
that's a neat idea. I tried to do it with Brayden, but think I only managed one entry. Writing with pen and ink is so much harder than typing.
Lisa M. said…
Dear Rebecca, My name is Lisa. I looked you up today after hearing "Familylife" on the radio. I looked up your book and one thing led to another and here I am!! I plan to get your book and also get one for a friend who lost her little baby girl also. I lost my first son, Ethan, in 1991. I appreciate your honesty in writing about your grief. I remember feeling so many of those feeling also. (and many times they come back to "haunt" me...even after almost 19 years...) I will be praying for you as you get closer to the births of Piper and Lily. With Love and Encouragement in Christ, Lisa Marting
Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing your journey I will be praying for you and the health of those sweet little girls. I have prayed for you and followed your situation for nearly two years. I know that God is good and prayer changes everything. Proverbs 3:5-6 is my life verse. Its promises have held hope and grace before me daily. I have always added the words for my situation to the end... and HE will direct your paths even through ... for you it is through the c-section.

Praying for your days ahead. Blessings always.
Laura said…
I just finished reading your book. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful twin daughters! I am so happy that God has blessed you with these two girls.

I just finished reading your book--it was sent to me by a dear friend. I was diagnosed at 19 weeks with a fatal condition for our baby. Unfortunately on April 21st the baby passed away. I was induced for 3 days and was unable to deliver the baby (they were careful due to a previous c-section).

I am going back in for another induction on Monday and if the baby does not come then we will do a procedure but hopefully that won't be necessary. I long to hold our baby and to know the gender of our baby.

The faith of you and your husband was so evident throughout the book. Thanks for encouraging other families along in their grief!

Laura said…
This is Laura again--I meant to add that I too pick up a journal the minute I find out that we are pregnant and love looking back and remembering all of our prayers for the baby

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