Reason #8

We have now but ONE, single, solitary day left.. just one small span of 24 hours before we fall head over heels for two little bundles of joy. Ahh, I am without many more words to say as I think of meeting them.

Although I'm sure I have lots more, here is my 8th and last reason as to why I love being pregnant:

I love that it's just me and these babies for 9 months. I get them all to myself, to care for and protect, before they enter the world. After Molly was born and we realized something was wrong, I wanted desperately to snuggle her back into my womb where she was safe and where I sustained her life. I kept her alive and once she was born, there was nothing that I could do to fully protect her like I had for 9 months before. While I knew it was impossible to do, I remember wanting her back in my tummy for the entire week of her life.

It's an incredible opportunity and blessing to grow and nurture a precious life. I am incredibly grateful for another chance to have life inside my body. What a delight and joy!! I have truly loved and delighted in carrying these babies!!

This beautiful Easter morning is so wonderful to wake up to. We have the promise and reminder of Jesus rising from the dead after giving his life for ours on the cross. With his resurrection we have new life and the promise of eternity with him in heaven.

And just like the delicate tulips that are springing up in our yard, we have the promise of new life just around the corner. We wait with delight and anticipation as tomorrow draws closer when we will welcome with open arms these girls we have prayed and prayed for.

Ahhh, I cannot wait!


Kristin Smith said…
Happy Easter Rebecca. I have enjoyed your blog and your reasons you love being pregnant. Looking forward to hearing all about Piper and Lily. Praise the Lord the King of heaven.
Jessica said…
Sooooo very excited for you!!!! Can't wait to hear about their arrival!! I continue to pray for you, Jake, Piper & Lily. What a wonderful day for you - to celebrate both the rising of Christ and the last day of your beauties inside you!! Enjoy!!!
Barry said…
Hi Rebecca,

So love you and Jake. You continue to be in our prayers. Can't wait to meet your girls.

He is risen,

Barry and Jeannie
Lena said…
Happy Easter! Praying for all of you!
Bri said…
Happy Easter! I will be praying for you tomorrow and for Piper and Lily's arrival. Praise God!
Yours Truly said…
Praying for a joyous tomorrow! Cannot wait to hear the news of your girls' births!
Amber said…
Praying all goes well tomorrow - I so remember the entire guantlet of emotions as I considered bringing two babies into the world. So may you feel the clear peace of our Father tomorrow besides you and the joy of kissing your two baby girls. blessings!
Rebecca said…
Praying & hoping & waiting!
Krystal said…
Blessed Easter! Tomorrow my son turns 5. Can't wait to find your girls' pictures on your blog!!! Happy Birthday, Piper and Lilly/Lily!

I'm praying for all of you; you're certainly on my heart and mind.

Hugs in Christ,
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