It feels like Christmas

"Why Christmas?" one might ask.

Well, maybe because we got about an inch or more of snow on Saturday. Or maybe because the weather has been in the high 20's. Or maybe it's because I've dug out all my winter maternity wear, coats, and scarves. And my all-time fave: the Christmas decor, tinsel, and ornaments ALREADY on the shelves in stores. Jacob laughs at me each year when I refuse to think Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving.

It's ridiculous folks. As my friend Sheri Rizner would say, "Seriously? Seriously."

I drove home from bible study this morning singing Christmas songs in my head and thinking about how I need to get my Christmas shopping done and write our Christmas letter. As if it were early December rather than early October. At Costco yesterday it looked like the Christmas rush, there were people everywhere buying all sorts of huge items, like drum sets. I felt like I needed to buy something large also, thankfully I did not.

I am really sad about this weather we're having. As I said before in one of my posts, fall is one of my favorite seasons and it really did get skipped this year. The trees have all lost their pretty colors and even some have turned black or brown from the bitter, freezing temperatures at night.

Anyway, I just had to write about this. I do love the snow and it is really pretty to look at, but not in the first week of October.

Seriously? Seriously.


Linds said…
I second this motion. I hope this is not indicative of the winter in store for us... otherwise I'll need to be bundling up ALOT this winter!
Sarah said…
I, too, agree! NOT COOL!
Alesha said…
I support the no Christmas until after Thanksgiving rule! The lack of enthusiasm over Thanksgiving hurts my feelings. I think it's the best holiday we have because it's ALL about Thanks!
Laura said…
I need sunshine!!! My heart needs sunshine now. It can't be time for Christmas yet.


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