Update, update, update!

I've had several people inquire as to how the book is coming along, how can they pray, etc. And I've also had people ask me how I like working at the bakery! So.. in light of those two questions, here is an update on me.

First of all, I no longer work at the bakery. Due to the state of the economy, I, along with several others, were let go from the bakery. I still love the bakery and the friends that I made there. And it really came at a perfect time with the book just starting and having to work so much on it. Because of the demands of writing and editing, I am not working at this point and don't intend to until things let up in the book department.

The book is going well. Mom and I now have the manuscript and have been working on editing it down so that we have the good stuff and nothing that won't glorify God and honor Molly's life. We are working long and hard days to get the editing part done so that the next step can be started. Design will start soon also and before we know it, it'll be heading to the printer.

To give you an idea of how the book will be, it'll be separated into days rather than chapters. Each day will tell the story of that particular day through emails and such that Mom has put together in a story format. After that part will be a piece from me sort of like a journal entry. I share about that day and how Jake and I felt and what emotions we were going through, etc. After my piece is a third and final piece that is also from Mom and it is a reflection piece that talks about something we learned that day, like the power of a family, etc. Then the next day will be the same format.

The book will be out sometime in June. It will be paperback and available at www.familylife.com. I will definitely post when it's in print and how people can get a copy.

We are so proud of the book and how it has taken shape over the weeks. It is such a privilege to share about Molly's mighty little life and the powerful effect it had on us and so many others. It is a difficult task and something that has taken more of an emotional toll on me than I expected. I have pretty much re-entered that week with Molly and one of the things that makes it so hard this time around is that I don't have her with me to soften the blows of death.

Thank you so much for praying for me and my mom as we work on this book. It is such a great project that we are learning so much from and hope that others who read it will benefit as well.


Rachel said…
I look forward to reading more about Molly's life and legacy. While extremely difficult to relive those days, what beauty you will have to show for it!

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