Meet Tank

Meet our new little guy, Tank. He's 2.7 pounds, dark brown, and very furry. We think his eyes are blue and he has a little fluff of hair on top of his head that looks like a hat. It's so cute. We think he looks like a bear but I think the name Tank is gonna stick.

We picked him up at the Continental Cargo Office around 4:45 p.m. and it was love at first sight!! When we walked into the offices he was crying and it sounded like a cross between a duck and a dog. :) It was pretty cute. We took him out of his crate and immediately bonded with him. We took him outside and ran around with him. His little tail wags so fast as he runs or walks. It's so cute to watch.

We love him already!! He's sleeping in my lap while Jake plays on the Wii and I don't care how long I have to sit here. Knowing he feels safe and secure enough to fall asleep in my lap is so wonderful.

He's pretty precious. He is our constant shadow as we walk around the kitchen or the dining room. He's already gone potty on our kitchen rug, the hardwood floor, and our basement on the newspapers. :) We've made it through one run of whining in the crate and when he finally quit for 3 minutes we took him out. Oh it was so hard. :) It tugged at my heart strings when I heard him whimper and cry and I couldn't do anything about it. Well, I could have, but we had chosen to not take him out of his crate until he had quit crying for awhile. It was a good test, especially with Jake there to help me.

More pictures to follow, of course as he's our new favorite!


Christy said…
Yeay for Tank! Too cute!
Angie said…
Great news to see your new little guy! Adorable.
Linds said…
Oh the joys of potty training a dog. We hung a bell on our door and helped Toby ring it with his paw every time he went out when he was a puppy--- he was completely house trained in 2 weeks! Now he rings a bell when he wants to go outside. Just a little FYI on getting through those puppy days. He's adorable and I am so glad that yall have the joys of a dog-- they truly are man's best friend!
Andressa said…
I want a picture of Tank and Gabby someday! What fun!

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