Time Flies!

I really cannot believe how fast time has flown by. In one week I will take my second practical in the Hot Line Kitchen. I have to do several different cuts on vegetables, fillet a trout, and make two dishes: one cold and one hot. Oh and I have to make a vegetable puree as well. It will be interesting. I have 30 min. for the knife skills part and then 2 hours to fillet my trout, make the puree, and make two dishes. It'll be crazy!

I have really enjoyed the hot line. There have been several moments of frustration with our chef but we have "aired our laundry" and the situations have been resolved. It truly has everything to do with communication.

Several meals have been made "a la minute" which means at the minute. This is exactly what would happen if I worked in a restaurant. When the order comes up, I make it. Basically it has to do with the main part of the dish, like a steak or fillet of fish. It can be intense and it does involve fire which is cool too. I wish I could video one of my days.

Anyway, it's Saturday night and we are headed to a friends house for a bonfire. It should be a lot of fun. Then tomorrow I think we're going to start landscaping our front yard with a neighbor who wants to do the same.


Ozzie said…
So, that means you are cooking the minute it is ordered, or you have to be finished at an exact minute? I am not sure which one.

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