Hot line and a Red Hot Cast

So I have just one more week in the Hot Line kitchen with Chef Dale and my group. I have really enjoyed getting to know other students who weren't in my first group and I am looking forward to getting to know others as we move into our last rotation: Pastry Kitchen. On friday we will all take our practical and the quiz. Then starting Tuesday, bright and early at 7 a.m. I will be in the Pastry Kitchen, whipping up great delights and sweet nibbles.

In other news, I fractured a tiny bone in my right foot yesterday while trying to catch the 3:45 bus home. I limped onto the bus, thank goodness I actually made it, and counted the bumps in the road as pain shot through my foot. Well, it sounds dramatic but I didn't actually count the bumps. I made it to my car after several minutes of walking only 400 feet. I am in pain, true pain. I can barely put weight on my foot and I have to take my shoe off because my foot is swelling and wearing it makes it worse.

The whole purpose of running to catch the blasted bus was so that I could make it to the post office in time. Truly, I don't think the postal workers are worthy of this fracture but it is what it is. Anyway, I decide I will go to the post office because these packages have been sitting in our living room for weeks. But after the post office I deem myself spent and so I ask my dear husband to go instead. I was making dinner for our neighbors and needed some things so Jake went for me. So sweet!!

Anyway, I go to the doctor today and find out that I have a Jones Fracture and that I will be in a cast for one week. Not too bad for someone who's never had a cast before. And guess what color I chose? Red. They didn't have pink so I went with red. Hopefully I can get some pictures and post them within a few days.

And yes, I will be returning to school tomorrow.


C said…
My poor Becca Boo! I'm so sorry you broke your foot babe! I'm thinking about ya!
Ozzie said…
I am so sorry. That sounds realy painful! Post some pictures when you can...although I guess your cast is probably off by now.

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