5 Birthdays

First year we gathered with my parents and Jake's parents, each of us wrote her a note on a pretty 4 by 5 card and read them aloud.  We spent time in prayer and reflection over what God had done in the last year since her birth and death.  That time was so neat as all six of us were together again in honor of Molly and her life.  The last time we had all been together was when she was alive.  So in some ways I felt like her memories were even brighter that first anniversary having everyone together.

In 2010, we celebrated with two extra special guests: Molly's little sisters, Piper Marah and Lily Mataya.  The twins were just a few months old and we ate cake while they laid on a blanket watching the balloons that were tied to their wrists.  That year I felt like I had sort of accomplished a huge feat, carrying twins and bringing them home felt so good.  And they were healthy too, such a praise!!

For the third year, a close girlfriend of mine asked me how we were planning on celebrating that year and I told her I had no idea.  With the twins being 14 months and starting to walk, I was a little busy and overwhelmed.  She suggested that we get together and have a picnic there.  It was a perfect idea.  Several close girlfriends and I gathered together on a denim picnic blanket and had little sandwiches, fruit, and birthday cupcakes and looked through photos of Molly.  Through tears we sang happy birthday to Molly and then we sang Jesus Loves Me.  It was so nice to get together with friends, most of whom had never been to her doorway before.  I was honored to get to share that time with them.

Then in 2012, it was Jacob, myself, and the twins.  I was pregnant with Rainey.  I made a chocolate cake, one that Jacob requested and we all sat together by her doorway.  The twins wandered around gabbing about this and that and pausing every now and then to smell the roses in Molly's vase.  It was really sweet and fun.  We stayed late and let our balloons go in the dark. Lily didn't want me to write on her balloon so she grabbed it and let it go.  It was pretty funny.

This year, 2013, as we celebrated the fifth year since Molly's birth, I was struck with the realization that I didn't know what I wanted to do to celebrate her.  I was having a hard time deciding how we were going to honor her for the five years that had flown by.  After talking with my family and some friends, we decided to do her birthday party like we had every year before: At her doorway, singing to her and Jesus, and celebrating with cake and balloons.

Besides our family, we had Jake's brother Ozzie and his wife Johanna, their baby boy Shiloh and we also had Mark Mutz there, another brother of Jake and Ozzie's. The time at her doorway was easy going, relaxed, and just wonderful. We ate a delicious picnic lunch provided by Johanna, had tasty high hat cupcakes with pink sprinkles on top.  After we ate, we blew up some balloons and started writing notes to the birthday girl of honor.  I read some entries from Molly's red journal and a few of us cried.

Then we sang Happy Birthday to Molly, Amazing Grace, and then we kissed our balloons and let them fly high into the blue Colorado sky.  It was the perfect ending to a beautiful celebration.  Especially perfect for our Mighty Molly and her Fifth Birthday!


Such sweet celebrations! Happy Belated Birthday Molly!
belle said…
How sweet! What an incredible blessing that you do not celebrate alone and in secret. I pray that one day, God will bless every mother of a baby in heaven with the same freedom and support.

what beautiful children you have- such a treasure!
I love this post! Good job mama!
Tracy Hardin said…
Just finished your book & went straight to your blog. It was such a happy feeling to see your beautiful family.
I feel like your book was my words & feelings exactly. My granddaughter had the same medical issues, plus more as Molly. Her name was Maddie. She lived 2 mths. And your idea for celebrating her birthday was such a inspiration that I want to suggest that for Maddie. Thank you for sharing your story & God bless your family.

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