The Twins' Birthday Bash

Two months ago, the girls celebrated their first birthday. And I would love to share some photos of that fun afternoon!! Check 'em out!

The sign on our front door, "Today we celebrate Lily and Piper's 1st Birthday!"

The dining room, all ready for action! Thanks to my sister, Laura for all of her amazing decorating skills! On either side of the table are posters, one for each twin with pictures of them over the course of their first year! My older sister, Ashley, does that for her boys every year so I thought I would pay her a compliment and copy it! :) After the party, I taped them to their bedroom door. It's always fun to look at them every time I go by their room.

Happy Birthday Piper!!

Happy Birthday Lily!!

The girls!

Piper has given me the thumbs up on my baking skills.

Piper's cake, up close. Check out those dig marks in that cake! Girl wasn't messing around. :)

Lily, on the other hand, not so much a thumbs up. We did find out later she was getting sick which is why she didn't eat much of her cake. Poor baby girl. But I do love her face in this picture! It's her classic face.

Sweet Lily, watching everyone around her instead of digging in to some yummy cake. She did clap for herself at the end of the birthday song! That was a hit!

Piper and her cousin, Gabby, who came to visit for their special occasion!


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