Grief Revisited

Every Sunday we help lead the grief workshop at our church. A new group of precious souls have joined together for the next 8 weeks to work through their grief over a loved one who has died and I am honored to get to be there with them and to share our own story.

There are some precious mommas in our small group of couples who have lost babies or young children. The newness of their grief journey has renewed the grief in my own heart. Seeing how close they are to have held their children, seen their precious faces, and kissed them makes me long for Molly and Micah all the more.

As the holidays are getting closer, we have talked in our small group about how to deal with the days that are coming near and how to honor their babies in a way that honors our Lord. Most everyone at one point or another has said that they are dreading the holidays and that they wish they could just skip them. I remember feeling those exact things a few years ago. That first Thanksgiving and Christmas were awfully hard to get through and part of me wished to skip the whole lot and move on to a new year. But I didn't skip either holiday and I am glad that I didn't. Yes, they were difficult, but there were also some sweet moments as well.

And so, I pray for our little small group this week of Thanksgiving when giving thanks is incredibly difficult to do. I ask you, Lord, that you meet them where they are and that you would provide for them in surprising ways that are unmistakably you. That they would experience sweet moments of grace like I did and that you would give them grace for the hard moments that will likely come as well.


irbystreet said…
Hi Rebecca,
I just found out about your miscarriage. I am so so sorry. We too just had a miscarriage last week, and the pain is unbearable. Please know that I am praying for you. I have thought of you a lot during this experience and had not heard about your sweet little boy. You can read about your journey at

We will continue to keep you and your husband in our prayers and know that our little glory babies are playing together in Heaven.

Taylor Irby
Amy said…
Dear Rebecca,
After reading your book "Symphony in the Dark", I have stopped by your blog every so often to see how your sweet girls are growing.
I am a midwife who had the honor of walking through the loss of one of my client's first baby girl who came too early. It was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do, but such an honor to be a part of such a precious and intimate time as they held this sweet baby girl for too short of a time. It was also an honor to see how this wonderful young couple trusted and depended on the Lord in such a dark season. NEVER have I known God's grace to be so tangible as during this time.
Out of this experience I wanted families and loved ones going through similar circumstances to have a resource to help them create memories with their child for as long as God gives them life. I gleaned ideas from families who shared what helped or didn't help when they were going through the loss of a child to make a website - At least one of the ideas was from your book how your family put Molly's footprint over a meaningful Scripture. I loved this idea. I hope you don't mind me sharing it. I thought you would want to know that the ripples of Molly's life are reaching even further. I have asked others who have experienced this to let me know if I should add, subtract, reword anything from the website. Having never personally experienced this I'm not qualified to tell anyone what to do. I'm dependent on these precious families and the Holy Spirit. I would be honored if you have any input.
Many blessings to you and your family.
Brooke said…
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Brooke said…
I deleted my last comment bc as I read it again, a few months later, I realized how selfish it sounded. I sincerely apologize for that. It was not my intention at all. I just wanted to express that I know your pain. I hope everything is going well with u know. I've recently started my own blog if you're interested in following. I've subscribed to yours, but I wonder if you've quit blogging as I don't see any recent updates. Plz contact me if u want,

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