Babies update #11

Can you believe February is almost over?! March begins tomorrow and I am really excited that we have made it this far in our pregnancy with the girls and no significant problems so far. It seems that time has really flown by in this pregnancy and at the same time it also feels like it has been a long time too.

Anyway, enough with the confusing talk and on with the latest and greatest. I saw my dear old doc on Thursday afternoon and everything checks out so far. I am measuring 41 weeks, which is good, and am 10 pounds away from weighing 200 lbs! Whoa! Never thought I'd ever weigh that much! But of course, it's all for the girls and a good thing too. I've enjoyed lots of Chick-fil-A milkshakes! :)

Along with another doctor's appointment we'll have one more ultrasound in less than 2 weeks and that will be the determining factor for how the girls might be arriving. If A hasn't turned around then we'll schedule a c-section. But he also said that even if A is head down, 40-50% of the time you end up having to have a c-section anyway. So... it looks like we're preparing for major surgery which is ok with us. We just want them born safely and happily!

At my next appointment and ultrasound I will be 34 weeks and at that point will start going every week until they are born. I will also be going every week to the labor and delivery unit for an NST, or a non-stress test. They will monitor me and the girls and watch for their heart rates to accelerate and decelerate for a certain period of time. From 34 weeks on I'll be spending a lot of time at the doctor's office and at the hospital. A great time for catching up on any reading I want to get done before our world is illuminated by these two precious girls!

Yeah for being so far along and no problems to speak of!! Thanks for all of those prayers for us and the girls! We are so thankful for each of you, whether we know you or not. Pretty soon we'll be introducing them to you, with such pride and joy!!


belle said…
my prayers are with you.

in the weeks following the birth of my baby in august (she surprised us by being born still) i read your book. my prayers for you and your family began immediately. your story touched me. i am so thrilled to have randomly run across your blog and to find that you are expecting God's blessing in your life once again. i say again because each and every child is a blessing, you speak so sweetly about this in your book.

may God's mercy and grace be with you as you enter this amazing phase of your life. thank you for your testimony and example and faith.

by the way, 4 of my 8 babies have gone home to worship at their Father's footstool. it is my daily prayer that my 4 here will one day know this joy as well.
Lucy said…
Glad to hear good news again! Still praying for you all.
Jesslyn said…
So joyful for you!!! Glad to hear that everything is going well. Can't wait to meet the girls!!! Thank you so much for keeping us posted!
Sara Joy said…
I've been sort of silently following along with the girls journey but I had to pop my head in to say CONGRATULATIONS! again, or for the 3rd or 5th time, I'm sure it never gets old. :)
Anyway, I am so excited for you, you've made it past so many of the twin milestones, hang in there, mama, you're on the homestretch!
And the reason I know so much about the twin pregnancy? Heh, God has an interesting sense of humor - our rainbow baby turned out to be a double rainbow. I'm 14 weeks with two little miracles. I can't believe that happened to both of us. :)
All my best, as always,
Katy said…
I loved your pictures on FB - you are so beautiful!! (Inside and out!)
jessica said…
dear rebecca,
i have just recently come across your blog and heard your story. my heart breaks and sings for you at the same time. my husband and i are traveling a similar road as our little boy was taken home five weeks after his birth in august. i know your pain and grief and feel your joy as you await your little ones. i want you to know you are on my heart and in my prayers. i look forward to seeing you with little ones in your arms. congratulations!
jessica (dodd) ritchie
I have also started a blog...recording our journey through this difficult time. please feel free to contact me should you need someone to talk to. my blog is:
Ann said…
So, so excited for you and your husband and both your extended families. I started following your story through the FL broadcast and so greatly enjoyed your book and your honesty and authenticity in the midst of such a difficult journey! I am closer in age to your parents than you - but just want you to know that your story is a great testimony to God's faithfulness in the midst of the storms and grief of this earthly journey!
Don't let the c-section part scare you - I delivered all 5 of mine that way and it is equally miraculous as the other way.
God be with you and Jake and the girls in the days ahead!

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